Social Good Friday: A 4,000-Mile Bike Ride + Human Powered Awesome [+VIDEO]

Natalie Sisson, aka the Suitcase Entrepreneur, is bicycling nearly 4,000 miles this March from Kenya to South Africa for a great cause:

Natalie needs our help to raise $10,000 for — a wonderful nonprofit organization on a mission to empower young girls to have the social and political rights they deserve in life through sport, athletics and physical education.

To support Natalie:

● Donate directly to the cause (for as little as $13!)
● Get your own Human Powered Awesome T-Shirt ($40, with 50% proceeds to the cause!)
● Read more on The Ride of My Life at

I love Natalie’s mission. She’s the exemplification of a true leader, combining her personal passions, physical abilities and her gratitude to raise money for an amazing cause.

This is exactly what I talk about in Lead Without Followers about “making giving your own” and it’s a natural, effortless source of fuel for your inner leader.

And finally, some takeaway questions for you to ponder on this debut of Social Good Friday on

  • How do you make giving “your own”?
  • What cause do you feel a special connection to that you could personally “adopt” and help support?

Rock steady, happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

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