Welcome to the next evolution of leadership.

I’m excited today to reveal my freshly redesigned blog, which I’m affectionately calling “DaveUrsillo.com 4.0” — the fourth (and hottest!) evolution of this alternative leadership journey since the blog’s founding in 2009.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the new look and feel of the world’s first and only “unleadership” movement is its own encyclopedia: a living, breathing manifesto to what it really means to lead in your life and in our world.

Our world is desperate for leaders. For inspiration and change. For positive growth.

And among countless millions of men and women like you who naturally long for something more — to live more, to experience life fully, to flourish and feel soulfully fulfilled, and, to truly help and give to many others along the way — I hope to make this place feel like home for you.

And, best of all, the next evolution of this alternative leadership exploration comes with one devout intention: to create leaders. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. :)

  • You don’t feel like a leader? I’m gonna try to convince remind you of otherwise.
  • You do feel like a leader? I’ll help you how to exert yourself in your everyday life, your small business or corporate workplace, or even on a global level.
  • You want to create leaders, too? Perfect. Real leaders create more leaders. So, start a movement. Begin a blog. Share an idea. Start leading, and I’ll work to help you achieve everything you wish.


Because I create leaders.

I create leaders because I have learned that leading in your life provides you with the keys to achieve and become whatever you wish. To be happier. To accomplish more. To feel more love. To give more love. To create healthier, smarter business. To inspire change in others, construct change in communities, or orchestrate social change on a much bigger level.

Leading grants you the keys.

And so I create leaders.

I create leaders through this lens of leading “without followers” because this seemingly backwards idea compels you to question what it really means to lead — and invites you to personally define leadership not upon material outcomes and external validations alone, but through the drive of inner purpose, the drive of giving to others, and the drive of manifesting love in our world… in other words, the leading part of leadership.

I create leaders “without followers” because it breaks the enslaving, long-entrenched lie that leadership depends upon followers: a lie told by power-brokers throughout the ages to repress “ordinary” people who were mislead to believe that they “weren’t” enough.

Not rich enough.

Not elite enough.

Not educated enough.

Not worthy enough.

Not favored by God enough.

In times long ago, few knew any better than to believe the lies told by men in power. Today, we have been liberated from those shackles — we know better.

You are enough to lead, because leading comes from within. No one can touch that. No one can stop it.

Your very humanity is your capacity, ability, and willpower to lead. And no one can ever tell you that the Spirit, the Soul, the Universe, the God within you is “not enough.”

It is all you need; it is everything that exists!

And so, you can lead.

I create leaders “without followers” because learning to be a leader in such a way liberates you to lead for all the right reasons: the human reasons. Every human quality, trait and emotion that comprises “leadership” — giving, selflessness, compassion, taking care of others, helping others, giving to others — endure within you and endure within others.

Leading without followers inspires you to remember what leadership really is: not about being “more” or “better” or “different” than anyone else, but about being the most human that you possibly can be.

And so I create leaders.

When you view yourself, your life, your work and your role in our world through the lens of leadership, you begin to seamlessly craft a beautiful foundation of purpose-filled love, and unshakable happiness, and true fulfillment within you. This, I believe, is what matters most to all of us in life. This is what you begin to create — and what has the ability to last, and last, and last — when you lead without followers.

I create leaders because I want you to be happy, to feel purpose-driven and live a fulfilled life. And by leading “without followers,” you are granted the keys.

And so I create leaders.

By teaching men and women the wildly empowering mindset, mentality and self-propelled capabilities that arise within you from leading. I create leaders because I want to show you how you how you alone create your own reality by embodying giving, by breathing compassion, by becoming love.

I create leaders because I teach what I wish to learn most: being the most whole, the most fulfilled, and the most giving that I possibly can be. Leading grants me those keys.

When I lead, I feel my soul’s soils becoming so thoroughly enriched by love and compassion, selfless giving, humility, effortless forgiveness and detachment that naught but lush gardens may sprout from it. Few weeds. No thorns. Just fruit-bearing treats, and flowering examples of good acts and kind words and quiet deeds that might inspire more of them.

Leading grants me the ability to teach what I wish to learn most.

And so I create leaders.

I want to show you how everything we need is within us, already and always — that the means to achieve, realize, and feel everything that we could ever want in our lives begins within ourselves. Perspective. Mindset. Outlook. Mentality. They shape your reality.

Understanding yourself as a leader suddenly, instantly and almost effortlessly shifts your headspace into positive, opportune, abundance-mindedness.

Leading grants you those keys.

I create leaders because I see a desperate need for leaders in today’s world:

inspirers, empowerers and givers,

lovers and sharers,

the stand-up-and-sing’ers,

the action-makers,

the change-creators.

I create leaders without followers because I want to help “We, The People” reclaim the meaning of leadership on behalf of goodness, selflessness, and bettering our world.

Leadership has become a dirty word, a vile concept — one rife with ego and conniving and lying — and because I believe it is our personal calling and noble challenge to create beauty from that which repulses us.

I have seen the downfall of leaders from lust and greed, from selfish self-interest and desperate desires to acquire more and more material things.

I create leaders who lead from love because what we think it means to be a leader is what destroys a leader’s ability to lead at all — attachment and addiction to: follower counts, job titles, yearly salary and other societal measures of material wealth and career success.

I have seen the dark side of power, of greed, of corrupted leaders. I have seen leaders lose the way, forget their will to give (what made them real leaders in the first place), and live to forever regret it.

And so I create leaders — leaders who lead from love.

I create leaders. I create leaders because it’s all I can think about. It’s all I care to do. I am healthily obsessed. The obsession tells me to keep going, and so, I’ll keep creating leaders.

Leaders create leaders.

I create leaders from spirits rebellious, from darers and dreamers and defiers, from noble-causers to do-something-morers. We are unleaders. This is your One Life. This is our One World.

Stand now! Come with me.

Love awaits.

P.S. – Let’s make another announcement official: I’m moving to New York City this Saturday! I hope you and I can make plans to get coffee or a beer in the City soon. Drop me a line.

P.P.S. – I’m thrilled to also announce that I’ve been accepted as a new Associate Speaker for Drew Dudley’s Nuance Leadership speaking team! This means I should be speaking lots more very soon around the U.S. and Canada in the coming months. Stay tuned!