“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I want you to bleed with gratitude.

To overflow with love.

It’s easier done than said.

Gratefulness is sowed and reaped in the millisecond-smile shared between passing strangers on their morning walk.

Gratitude is fully resisting the overwhelming urge to flip the bird, evil-eye or curse out the guy on the road who cut you off on your commute to work. The grateful remember they are not victims; they are privy to a litany of opportunities, each served up by Life, and every one the chance to choose how we wish for our lives, in that moment, to unfold.

Happiness ain’t hiding.

Gratitude is happiness in perhaps its purest, most simple form.

Simple contentment.

Joyous Being.

Saying “thank you” aloud or in your head, for every single excruciatingly small and seemingly trivial thing you have (and all the things you don’t have) that you forget and overlook with time — such gifts, incredible privileges and other-worldly spoiled comforts.

Go ahead. Find ten in the room you’re in right now. Say thank you in your head, 10 times.

There. You’re bleeding with gratitude.

Like blood itself, gratefulness is a purely limitless resource that your body can produce and reproduce; so give it freely. Share your gratitude. Dare to say you’re thankful for something (or someone) aloud. Open another’s eyes to the gratitude they have grown to overlook.

Donate to those in need.

It’s contagious.

It’s happiness.

Nurture gratitude within, sow it among those in your life; what you reap is true Happiness, simple contentment. Inner resiliency to see light in times of dark. Radiant ability. Limitless opportunity.

Go for it.