**This is a special post to commemorate the launch of my new business, RenegadeGuides.com.

The picture included here is a shot of the inaugural, limited edition “Ready For You” Renegade Tee. It’s on sale now for just $21 with crazy discount codes available on the site and ridiculously low shipping :)

Have you ever awoken with the feeling of… escape?

It’s a tenseness, like an anxiety, a pulling from within… part of your consciousness longing for pure, uninhibited, exhilarating Freedom… manifesting a surge of potent energy throughout your mind, shaking your body’s hollow emptiness after a long night’s fast.

The tremors bleed down your thighs, weakening your stance. Upward, your breaths are short and desperate.

Quickly you seek out daylight and huddle before the window pane, cracking it slightly, breathing deep as the biting winter air washes across your face, eyes closed tight, as if to cleanse it. It’s as if you’ve been struck — like lightning through a tuning fork whose hum deafens the world around it.

That feeling of escape is your POWER FROM WITHIN.

It’s longing to be seen… to be felt by others… to be heard by the world. It’s there, within you — it always has been. Now, you’re ready to let it out. Proudly tell the world, “I’m Ready for You to Hear Me Now.”


10% of Proceeds Donated to Charity

I woke up one day with the phrase “I’m Ready for You to Hear Me Now” in my head. I liked it. And it stuck.

It beckons taking the initiative; assuming personal responsibility for your beliefs, words and actions; being a leader in your everyday life; and maintaining a defiantly determined renegade mindset.

It’s incredibly empowering and motivational.

Recognize that cool silver cross-like symbol in the background? Yup, that’s the same “quiet leader tree” as is permanently tattooed on my back right shoulder blade. :)

The “quiet leader tree” is asymmetrical but balanced — because, although nothing and no one is perfect, we are complete and whole within ourselves. The “quiet leader tree” represents selfless giving, perpetual dedication to being positive and optimistic, and charity. It represents my work, my writing and how I strive to live my life.

Speaking of charity, 10% of all proceeds from the sale of this Renegade Tee will be donated directly to my “Run To Home Base” 9K Charity Road Race for wounded military veterans. I need to raise $1000 on my own and complete this race in honor of our wounded warriors, and I hope you’ll help me reach that goal! Your purchase also helps support my journey as a writer. :)


These shirts are incredibly high quality and 100% certified organic cotton for your comfort and environmentally-conscious peace of mind :) Printed in my home state of Rhode Island, these shirts are made to last :)

  • Port and Company ® Organic
  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton / Pre-Shrunk / 5 Ounces
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large (See Sizing Chart)

I hope you’ll consider purchasing this limited edition Renegade Tee! Leave me some feedback on what you think of this design and the concepts behind it. I know it’s somewhat overbearingly masculine (and badass) but hey, what’s wrong with lookin’ badass? :)

Also, let me know what you’d like to see on future designs! Remember, this tee is the first product and I’m working hard to finish writing (as we speak) my first ever Renegade Guides, manifestos, and courses!