The violent events at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. last week felt personal for me.

I was heartbroken, angered, disgusted, outraged, and deeply saddened in a way that I cannot recall beyond September 11, 2001, when I was 15 years old and thought I was watching the whole world, as I knew it, crumble around me.

I was not only deeply saddened by the events themselves, but by how expected such acts of violence have become under the false-leadership of dangerous false-leaders whose negligent words, continual antagonism, and persistent dedication to lying and manipulation seemingly know no bounds.

In the wake of last week’s events, I am also choosing to become incredibly activated.

I am channeling my emotion and energy into dedicated action.

Last week’s events highlighted (and re-highlighted) urgent needs that I have been coming to understand for years, including:

1) The urgent need to call white supremacy by its name; for white folks of privilege like me to name it in its many subtle and unsubtle forms, and to be an active voice and active participant in dismantling white supremacy

2) The urgent need for facilitated healing and self-knowledge resources as the illusion of white supremacy is shattered and as white American people, in particular, reckon with the shattering, and come to grips with their implicit and explicit participation in, and benefit from, historical racial discrimination and ongoing systemic racism in our society

3) The urgent need to radically redefine the meaning of “leadership” in our world today, and for society to actively question who we presumptively call, or aspire to have as, our “leaders”

As I continue to double-down on doing the work of dismantling white supremacy in all its forms, I am most immediately equipped to take action on that third, urgent need of redefining the meaning of leadership in our world.

After all, that has been my life’s work and journey for the last 12 years.

When I wrote to you last Tuesday, I shared my words for 2021 — “Lead Without Followers” — and teased out a new coaching program that I have been building in the background for the last four months.

I have been recalibrating all of my work to return to my original calling and mission that I began to follow in 2009. That’s when I quit my job, left the world of politics, and began to write.

The events of last week have only highlighted the urgency with which I return to my original calling.

We who are guided by conscience, a vision for the future that is more loving and healed, and who see the world for its possibilities and potential, need to actively work in the space of re-centering the definition of leadership in its original meaning:

Leadership is a quality of the heart, not something that is qualified by followers.

I am inviting you to join me on this mission.

As our world reels from toxic definitions of leadership and begs us all to step up and fill the desperate, hollow void of leadership that exists in our world, I have created a solution to support and your leadership journey.

It’s called Claim Your Calling℠.

Introducing: Claim Your Calling℠

Claim Your Calling℠ is a thought leadership incubator and coaching collective that blends 1-on-1 coaching, every month, with dynamic, facilitated group coaching experiences.

It exists to hold you in the space of actively practicing your leadership and developing your gifts as a creative entrepreneur, aspiring author, professional, change-agent, healer-teacher, coach, or therapist in today’s world.

A remodeled, evolved expression of several coaching programs that I’ve been taking clients through with great success over the last 3-4 years, Claim Your Calling℠ is my solution for helping to lift self-starters and change-agents into higher expressions of their personal leadership:

— As a “thought leadership incubator,” Claim Your Calling℠ will help you refine your ideas, develop your thoughts and stories, and express your truth into the world through your works of art, books, programs, projects, blogs, missions, businesses, and professional career paths.

— As a “coaching collective,” Claim Your Calling℠ will support your personal growth and professional development. You’ll receive monthly 1-on-1 coaching with me and participate in two dynamic, facilitated group experiences, every month, that keep you in the space of actively practicing your leadership from the inside, out.

I designed this long-form coaching experience for emergent leaders and aspiring thought leaders.

But, to be clear, I’m not referring to classical, conventional definitions of leadership right now: stuffy, white collared, privileged forms of leadership that are qualified by status, wealth, or number of followers.

The emergent thought leaders who I am calling “leaders” are those who do good in the world, have a vision for a more healed future, and are committed to putting stories, work, ideas, beliefs, and ideas out there through books, business, and leadership by example.

Claim Your Calling℠ is ideal for creative entrepreneurs, self-starter personalities, solopreneurs, mid-career professionals with a book in their heart, healer-teachers, coaches, therapists, budding influencers, side-hustlers, conduits, connectors, and heart-centered souls who are determined to leave a loving mark on the world.

If you aspire to be a greater agent of change and practitioner of personal, artistic, or business leadership, this is for you.

How does Claim Your Calling℠ work?

Claim Your Calling℠ surrounds you with the accountability, guidance, practice space, and supports that you require — so you can serve a world that so desperately needs your care. We meet three times per month:

  • Once, privately, in a 1:1 coaching session with yours truly. In monthly, 1:1 coaching, we’ll work to activate your gifts, uncover shadows or self-limiting beliefs that stand in your way, and clarify what you desire — so you can align your goals, projects, and efforts accordingly
  • Then, we meet twice more “in-community” to lightly connect with a little global family, set your goals for the month, practice living your leadership out loud, and join in on facilitated activities like group Q+A and spotlight problem-solving for tricky issues

Who is Claim Your Calling℠ for?

Emergent thought leaders and change-makers of all shapes and sizes who feel ready to step into the fuller light of their leadership, one month at a time.

Members will likely be:

  • Solopreneurs, aspiring authors, healer-teachers, coaches, and guides who carry change in their hearts and feel called forth, right now, to fill the vacuum of unifying and healing leadership that our world doesn’t have, but desperately needs today.

What we’re building may be for you if you consider yourself to be:

  • A bridge, a conduit, a messenger, a connector, a visionary, a healer, an empath, a change-agent, a teacher, an artist, a creative, a community organizer, a highly sensitive person (HSP), a guide, a seer, an intuitive, a facilitator, a cultivator, a yogi, a spiritualist, a therapist or counselor, a purpose-driven person, a team leader or manager, or a servant of the good.

Special Introductory Pricing & How to Apply

As the new centerpiece of my work, mission, and business moving forward, Claim Your Calling℠ does have to be cost-prohibitive.

I’ll still be writing and sharing free and low-investment resources like I always do, but Claim Your Calling℠ is a highly specialized, bespoke program that directly results from not only 12 years of my life, but all 12 years of running my business, 8 years of coaching experience, and countless thousands of hours of book-writing and publishing, traveling and teaching, speaking and workshopping, writing and creating.

Special pricing for Claim Your Calling℠ begins at $625/month.

That rate is limited to our first 6 Founding Members and is going to increase in the future. Whenever you join, your rate is locked in for life.

There will be select scholarship opportunities available on an as-needed basis for BIPOC applicants and women-owned business owner applicants in support of social equity.

We are accepting applications now.

The deadline for all applicants is this Thursday, January 28th, 2021.

Claim Your Calling℠ kicks off in February.

Learn more here:

The Time is Now to Claim Your Calling…

We are each being called forth right now to vill the vacancy of unifying, inspiring leadership in our world.

It starts with each of us.

Claim Your Calling℠ is my first expression of my words for 2021: Lead Without Followers.

We need a bottom-up redefinition of leadership, modeled in our everyday lives, in our small businesses, on our blogs, and in our books.

Last Wednesday, we all bore witness to another expression of leadership; a morally bankrupt, toxic definition of leadership that is so broken that it would allow a false-leader like Donald Trump to ever be called “a leader” in the first place.

I’m calling out all heart-guided leaders who are united by a calling within them; those who are called to activate their truth, to live with purpose and do work that helps to make the world a better place for us all.

Our world today is alarmingly absent of good, unifying, responsible leadership.

We are being called forth to fill the void.

Is 2021 your time to claim your calling?

If it is, you don’t need to go it alone. I’m here to help.

Click here to learn more about if Claim Your Calling℠ can help support your leadership journey today.

Thank you for leading, even without followers.

Here’s to what we can build together this year and beyond,