How do we live a self-storied life?

Before we can really live the stories that we want to be telling, we have to begin by pausing to reflect on the stories that we’ve already been living lately.

Why? Because making any change in our lives depends first on inquiring within, observing trends and patterns, and understanding some of the many narratives or beliefs that we’ve been telling ourselves.

Stories about who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we think we deserve are what dictate our perceptions in life.

They reveal how we truly feel about the quality of the lives that we’re already living.

This is why awareness is the illuminating first step to making even small and incremental changes in our lives. Awareness always is the first step. It has to be.

But here’s the troubling reality:

Even the sharpest, most observant awareness dulls over time.

Our minds acclimate to changing circumstances and surroundings really effectively, even when we don’t realize it.

That’s why we need to routinely sharpen our self-awareness so that we don’t fall into an unwanted or undeserved story.

Like a tool that serves our long-term survival, sharp self-awareness helps us cut through destructive outlooks like complacency, insecurity, or cynicism — the states of mine that leave us feeling stuck, hidden, incapable, or in a diminished experience of life.

You don’t deserve to be living a story like that!

That’s why I created the 3-Day Story Reset.

I designed this micro-journaling program to be a new tool in your toolbox to help you dial into your story, sharpen your self-awareness, and decide whether or not it’s time to make some changes in your outlook, thinking, speech, or deeds — yes, even in the midst of a pandemic, or an election season, or in 2020.

The 3-Day Story Reset is entirely free. It can be completed in just 3 days.

And — based on the amazing feedback of its initial beta testers — I think you’re going to find it to be a meaningful experience of the story you’ve been living lately.

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The 3-Day Story Reset is a free mini-program designed to help you take an intimate, meaningful look into the heart of the story you’ve been living lately.

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Over just three days, you’ll complete six, simple, fill-the-blank prompts each morning to provoke new insights and perceptiveness on the story of who you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re craving and desiring from your life in the days and weeks ahead.

After completing all six of your fill-the-blank prompts daily, you’ll then complete just one, short written reflection in your journal or note-taking app of choice.

Every daily reflection prompt helps you to piece together your fill-the-blank responses — and larger narrative awareness for your story — into smooth, cognitive understanding.

Breathe deeply — this 3-Day Story Reset will support you as you navigate understanding and appreciation for even the most trying of stories!

How It Works

Using a simple reflective process and very thoughtful prompt sequences, this new, free-mini program is designed to help guide you into a revealing and supportive process to move into the story you want to be telling in the days, weeks, and months to come.

No major life changes are required.

No renouncing of society and escaping to an ashram in the Himalayas necessary.

No epic solo pilgrimages cross-country by foot are needed.

Simply show up to your 3-Day Story Reset — designed to be completed in as little as 15 minutes per day — and witness your story unfold in your own words, right before you.

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Across three easy days, you will:

  • Dig into the influences on the story you’ve been living lately
  • Acknowledge all of the (easily-overlooked) positive decisions, actions, and deeds that you’ve done in support of the story you want to be telling
  • Uncover a clearer understanding of the story that you want to be shifting toward, moving forward
  • Explore simple ways to take action on misaligned feeling states or out-of-alignment
  • And much more

Feedback from the very first students of the 3-Day Story Reset has been incredibly positive!

I’ve heard takeaways so far like…

  • “Powerful… [the 3-Day Story Reset] brought out details about the story I want to be telling that hadn’t come out before.”
  • “Profound… It’s encouraging me to allow what I know has been lurking beneath the surface to reveal itself more realistically.”
  • “I didn’t expect to dive as deep as I thought this would take me.”
  • “This has served as a check-in to help me gauge how far I’ve come, as well as to estimate the remaining distance between where I am and where I want to be.”
  • “This was an opportunity to do some framing of my life (this year, the events, my state of mind).”
  • “It created space to dig deeper into the impact of / desire for particular feelings.”
  • “It’s is revealing things about my journey that are unexpectedly challenging to acknowledge, but also profoundly important to accept.”

Are you ready to begin your 3-Day Story Reset?

Of course you are!

And I feel confident that this tool can help you take a good, healthy look at the story you’ve been living lately.

Over the next three days, I’ll be your guide.

Join me:

Click here to opt-in and begin your 3-Day Story Reset

In so doing, you’ll activate one of your mind’s inherent superpowers — self-awareness — to remind yourself of all the choices available to you, here and now.

From there, the journey is to choose grace, poise, and perseverance as you seek the self-storied life you deserve.

All it takes is fifteen minutes, and you stand to gain weeks’ or months’ worth of powerful awareness that can help you shift, nudge, and align your everyday life, work, and thoughts toward the story that you want to be living.

Here’s to the story that you deserve, my friend!