Lawrence Mitchell is a health coach and raw foods advocate in England who wanted to share his lifelong arc from an unhealthy and heavily drinking young lad who once traveled on the cheap across the United States before discovering a heart issue that threatened his life.

Even as a marathoner in his younger years, Lawrence received this startling wakeup call from doctors and discovered that his external fitness was only a small component to his overall health.

Determined to cultivate fitness inside and out, he undertook a raw diet and slowly began to solve his heart and blood pressure issues.

Now a coach and health advocate, Lawrence came to the Story Shine process wanting to share his personal journey as an example of how he can help who he called, “the worried well.”

We pinpointed his ideal clients as folks who are really intent on living well and healthily, but have been spun into anxiety and paralysis of choice based on how the enormous, complicated, and semi-deceitful “health industry” has inundated people with health images – and illusions.

Blending his personal perspectives with his professional appeal, Lawrence was provided with a custom-sculpted Story Shine bio that could springboard his personal stake in providing wellness to others.

“I love my new About Me page,” he wrote, “Thank you Dave for all of the work you’ve done!”

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