Imagine if your creative lifestyle was rooted in the Hawaiian islands.

How would your creative journey feel different? Would you feel more love and presence living in Hawaii?

Would you feel more adventurous — or even open to new friendships, dating and relationships?

How would living and working from the Hawaiian islands inspire you? Change you? Challenge you to open up and *truly* live your life in ways that you dream of — but that you’re maybe holding yourself back from experiencing, today?

I want to know what you think, so I created a short 9-question survey for you.

Take five minutes right now and tell me:

  • How would your life be different if you lived in Hawaii?
  • How would your writing, art or creations change if you created them from Hawaii?
  • How would the caliber and quality of your work grow if you wrote from this place of love, gratitude and peaceful perspective?

Answer this short survey to share your thoughts with me — and as a personal thank you, we will set up a time in the next week to chat on the phone one-on-one to discuss your ideas. I’d love to offer you some personal suggestions on how you can begin to align your creative journey with the ‘aloha’ that you want — and deserve.

Speaking of Aloha… It’s Launch Day!

I am thrilled to officially announce (and offer to you) my latest project today, Writing With Aloha, a 2-day virtual writing seminar that you can attend with me from anywhere in the world on April 4 – 5th, 2013.

Writing With Aloha is a really exciting and “high-level” opportunity for 15 writers who want to revolutionize their entire creative lifestyles by infusing their personal and creative journeys with more love, presence, understanding and compassion (or the “aloha” that you deserve!).

How are we tackling those topics?

It will happen in just two weeks through four very unique, interactive workshops that you’ll participate in, live, with me and 14 peers:

  • Workshop #1) The Voice Finder: Rediscover your authentic, honest voice — and never lose it again
  • Workshop #2) Secrets to Storytelling: How to forge deep and *real* emotional connections to human beings (readers, clients and customers) through compassionate storytelling, empathy and relatability
  • Workshop #3) Time Is Never the Excuse: What the “I don’t have the time” excuse really means and how to defeat other creative obstacles that arise on your journey
  • Workshop #4) Stop the Starving Artist Routine: How origins of the “starving artist” stereotype reveals a blueprint for a solo writer to take to find connection, love and fulfillment

I want to show you how to open yourself (and your creative journey) up to more love, presence and peace because as a writer, creative or artist [highlight bg=”#fff899″ color=”#000000″]you naturally carry your work around with you everywhere you go.

Your life and all of your experiences are either fueling or depriving your creativity, your voice, and even your ability to help others through your words.

And when you begin to live with ‘aloha’, you discover how to reshape your creative lifestyle in ways where your ideas, creative expressions and projects are constantly being refreshed and reignited with openness and happiness — because your life is more attuned to your personal goals, values and beliefs.

When you write with aloha, you write from a place of love and presence that helps you produce a higher quality of work, more easily and more consistently.

So, how would *your* life be different if you lived and worked in Hawaii?

Tell me.

Take 5 minutes and answer this quick survey so I can understand exactly how it would change your life — have fun with this, and let your imagination run free.

I’ll show you my thanks for taking the time to answer my survey by scheduling a time to chat with you on the phone in the next week to discuss your answers and offer some ideas and suggestions on how you can infuse more ‘aloha’ in your own journey!

I’m looking forward to connecting with you one-on-one — by now, you should know how much I love this kind of stuff!

Keep shining,


P.S. – Remember to check out Writing With Aloha today, as only 15 slots are available and the seminar begins on April 4, 2013.