“What I want you to do,” said my buddy Jacob Sokol, the author of the Sensophy blog, as we chatted via Skype the other day, “is to email your subscribers and write on your blog and to tell everyone that follows you:

‘Yo! If Lead Without Followers isn’t launched on September 26th, unsubscribe and unfollow me and never speak to me or think about me ever again.`”


And why September 26th of all days? What’s so important about September 26th?

Nothing, really.

Except that it’s an actual date. A deadline.

And while it’s important not to rush a project to completion because, as Lao Tsu said, “you spoil what was almost ripe,” on the other hand, every creative or artistic endeavor is never really completed.

George Orwell once wrote, “Every book is a failure.”

Leonardo da Vinci was a bit less dire in saying, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

What they meant is that a necessary part of the artistic process is to willfully end your work when you know that it could feasibly go on forever. It could be worked on, edited, tweaked and changed endlessly.

Jacob understands this especially, because today is the launch of his own new guide, “Living on Purpose: An Uncommon Guide to Finding, Living and Rocking Your Life’s Purpose,” officially launches today.

Jacob and I connected back around January after I heard him on BlogcastFM, interview by my pal Srini Rao.

I dig Sokol’s whole scene. He and I have a lot in common, including abandoning worlds that we had worked in to find our true purpose:


Since then, Jacob and I have been helping fuel each other during each of our book writing ventures. We even jumped out of the same plane in Portland, Oregon when we were there for the World Domination Summit in June!

I want you to check out his new guide. I think you’ll like it. (Affiliate link!)

Of course, Sokol’s challenge was in reference to my book, Lead Without Followers…

…the book I’ve dreamed of publishing for three years and have, since June, decided suddenly to write and self-publish in the span of just 3 months.

And guess what?

  • I have a copy-editor who is receiving chunks of my manuscript this week
  • I have a book designer, our friend Jonathan Wondrusch from ByBloggers (and fellow World Domination Summit skydiver), who will be laying out the physical print, mobile versions, and helping with the digital layout,
  • I have a book cover that I’m designing myself, which got a God-blessing from my hotshot author buddy Jenny Blake :)
  • And I *was* slated to meet with Rhode Island photographer Greg Shumchenia this past Sunday in Providence for a baller photoshoot, when Hurricane Irene screwed our plans up!

So, suffice it to say that we’re rounding the bend and heading home.

And, I can’t wait for you to read this book.

It’s sharp. Parts read like poetry — by design. Other parts don’t read like poetry, but instead, hard-hitting truth from a former “insider” whose seen what leaders say, do, and really think of you on the inside — again, by design :)

If you’re into politics, or are in tune to current events, Lead Without Followers will speak to you, grip you, and compel you to redefine the meaning of leadership in our world.

If you hate politics, loathe politicians, have no idea what a “hanging chad” is… but are a human being and living amongst this world and its peoples — this book will speak to you, grip you, and reclaim the title of “leader” for yourself and those like you in this world.

This is Lead Without Followers. A radical redefinition of leadership. Get ready.

But, am I ready to accept Sokol’s challenge and set a definite, make-or-break, do-or-die deadline?

You’re damn right.

Lead Without Followers will be released on September 26, 2011.

Come hell or high water.

You ready?!

More details will soon follow, including:

  • fundraising for a U.S. book tour (possibly Vancouver and Toronto, too!)
  • a global launch party (Event on Facebook here, join it and invite your own friends) during which I will host a free online seminar on Lead Without Followers — including some special guests from around the world.

Share the goodness. Shine your light. Let’s rock n’ roll.