“Dreaming and believing have helped me reached almost every single goal I’ve had in my life.” ~Lou Macabasco

The Renegade Spotlight on DaveUrsillo.com showcases the real-life stories of everyday “Renegades” — men and women who are pursuing big dreams while defying criticism, cynicism and being misunderstood by others around them.

Today, I’d like you to meet my friend Lou, a businesswoman and personal development writer from the Philippines who I met and befriended through her blog, LifeToFullest.com.

Together on DaveUrsillo.com, we are building an inspired community of genuine dream-pursuers — the Ranks of the Renegades — who are striving to change the world. We are the Renegades. Are you among our ranks?

1.) In your own words, introduce yourself!

Hi Everyone! I’m Lou Macabasco, a 24-year-old woman from the islands of the Philippines. I’m a Professional Certified Public Accountant, full-time Businesswoman, Investor and Personal Development Blogger/Writer. If I’ll describe myself in three words, I’d say, “Simple but Extra-Ordinary”.

I’m a very simple person. I keep my mindset and life simple. I’m often cheerful and positive. I love traveling to places, meeting different people and experiencing variety of culture. I can live without television but I can’t imagine life without music. What makes me extra-ordinary is that I can be both creative and logical. I strive to balance my time on both of my profession and passion.

It’s my passion to keep learning and understanding the wonders of life, the people, the circumstance and all other things that affect it. I love to share things through writing. I dream to teach and inspire others with all the things I’ve learned in this journey of life, both in my professional and personal side. I do this by creating a site entitled Live Life to the Fullest. You may check it here: www.lifetofullest.com

2.) What are some of the short- and long-term dreams you are pursuing?

Dreaming is part of my system. I’ve always believed in “What you desire is often what you become.”

I dream to reach millions of readers, publish best-selling books and conduct seminars around the world. I also want to travel the world and build my own international organization. And lastly, I want to become a great wife and have wonderful children.

3.) What effects have these pursuits had on your life?

I’m a natural dreamer and believer that dreams do come true. As a Disney song lyrics goes, “You will when you believe!” It’s a child-like attitude that I will always carry with me. Such attitude has helped me a lot in the past and has proven its worth countless times.

Dreaming and believing have helped me reached almost every single goal I’ve had in my life. From graduating and passing the Accountancy Board Exam at the young age of 19, landing on the dream jobs and company I’ve wanted to work with, connecting to people I look up to, visiting places I’ve wanted to see, maintaining relationships I’ve always dream of, acquiring things I’ve wanted to have, pursuing my own business and spreading words of motivation to people. All these were dreams that turned into reality.

Other than turning my dreams into reality, having a dream to pursue gives meaning and purpose to my life. It gives me motivation and enthusiasm to wake up each morning knowing I have something to look forward to.

And lastly, pursuing my dream has made a huge difference and impact to other people’s lives. As such, it doubles the meaning of my life.

4.) What has pursuing your dreams taught you about yourself? About others? About life?

I remember an article I’ve written 2 years ago entitled, Why Grown-Ups Stopped Dreaming?, I’ve mentioned the changes in dreams as people grow older. As people grow older, they give lesser value to dreaming. In my pursuit, I’ve learned a saying that is so true,

“Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want.”

Because when you know what you want, when you have dreams, a burning desire to achieve and pursue something, it directs you to achieve and have it. Additionally, I’ve proved that when you have a dream or pursuit, it puts meaning into your life.

5.) Do you have any special methods or practices that help you along the way? What are your sources of inspiration?

Yes, I do. There are 4 sources that keep me motivated to keep developing myself, pursue my dreams and live life to the fullest.

a) Significant People in my Life. Other than me, these people are the reasons that I continue to enjoy and pursue life.

b) Experiences and Lessons Learned in Life. It’s true that experience is a great teacher. And I’d like to believe that I’m striving to become a great student of life.

c) Books. I forgot to mention earlier that I love to read and collect books. And I have gained a lot of wisdom from all the books I have read. To share some of my favourites, you may check the Recommended page of my website for the list of books I recommend my readers to read.

d) Seminars/Mentors/Coaches. Despite my love for sharing, I also love to listen. I always try to be like an empty cup, striving to learn from each person I meet and deal with. And it helps a lot, especially when you meet and connect with people you look up to.

6.) Do cynics, doubters and pessimists affect you and your pursuits? If so, how? If not, do you avoid them, tune them out, use them to your advantage, etc.?

Other attitudes that I’d always try to maintain are FOCUS and WILLPOWER. When you pursue anything in life, expect that setbacks will enter, such as failure, criticism, doubts and all other negative thoughts. That’s why it is very important that you keep your focus and willpower intact. Use negative sayings and circumstances as motivation to pursue, not as hindrance to stop and let go of your dreams.

There’s a story that I always look back whenever I encounter setbacks in my pursuit, it’s the Success Story of the 7 Up. The story always gives me an inspiration to get up and keep moving towards my dream, despite all the challenges and setbacks. I have written a post in my website entitled, 7-Up Success Story: Is it the same With Your Story?

For a final note, I’d like to thank you Dave for this opportunity to share my thoughts and stories to your readers. More power to you and all the readers of this site.

Happy Journey to your Life!

~ Lou Macabasco, www.lifetofullest.com

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