“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~Mother Teresa

Love is a human language.

Love’s language is less spoken than it is felt. Love is embodied. Love is a way of life — it is manifested in our deeds and awareness and presence amongst others.

Love’s language is one that is shared by all human beings. It is an equalizer; it unites us. Love bridges any schism. The commonality of love is understood, appreciated; an inseparable element contained within the human soul.

Love is a Language

Within the language of love, a vast array of natural human emotions act as dialects; sorts of “sub-languages” that span physical gestures, facial expressions, emotional subtleties and expressive nuances that can be felt, recognized and understood by all human beings — beyond differences of race, culture, ethnicity and gender.

Two human souls from opposing ends of the Earth can meet and bridge any difference between them through simple smiles, laughter, and positivity. But things like smiling and laughter are merely dialects of a greater language. Love is the language that connects, attracts, and binds the human species.

A Greater Heart

Whether we realize it or not, whether we choose to accept and embrace it or not, the channel of communicating through the language of love exists within us all.

Love’s language places all human beings on an equal scale; within its context, there is no greater or lesser person, no higher or lower status. But this level of equality is merely a beginning point.

We need to make love our primary language, and we can do so by our individual choice alone. We must choose love. When we intently act, speak and live with love as our motivator, we open ourselves to be better understood, accepted, and embraced by others who — by their human nature — innately cherish the commonality of love’s language.

Within each of us beats a single heart. That heart dictates a rhythm, a flow, a swirling state of constant change and progression and evolution.

But there is a bigger heart, somewhere beyond; something that dictates a rhythm, a flow, a swirling state of constant change and progression and evolution not merely within our own skin but among and around all of us — everyone. There is a greater heart. It is a regulator of a collective human spirit. It is manifested in the language of love.