There is no perfect formula, road map, or single process for how you claim your calling.

In fact, the journey of claiming your calling is, I’ve found, far more like living a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story than it is about finding some magical, mystical, or perfectly replicable process that yields all the rewards that we could ever hope for.

That’s the trickiest part of claiming a calling, living your leadership, or honoring your truth:

Callings, beliefs, and truth are not static; they are moving, because we are.

We are moving and changing beings who are always learning and growing; undoing what no longer serves us; breathing new life into what does.

This is why the journey to claiming a calling is responsive to who you are, right now; where you are, at this moment; and what your heart is calling for you to realize, express, and embody, next.

And yet, just because there is no “perfect process” or “road map” to activating your inner leadership does not mean that your journey must be improvised on the fly.

The “figure-it-out-as-I-go” approach can become a crutch of our own making, resulting in diminishing returns over time, and lots of frustration and second-guessing resulting from feeling the compulsive need to improvise our approach, all while struggling to make sustainable forward progress.

But your journey doesn’t have to be one of chaos, self-isolation, anxiety, and stress.

Your journey doesn’t have to be saddled by uncertainty, month after month, year after year.

To escape the destructive cycles of constant starts-and-stops and chronic second-guessing, you have to uncover, develop, and sustain your own personalized practice and approach to living your leadership.

How to Make Your Own ‘Map’

Claim Your Calling℠ exists to give you the practice space, dedicated supports, self-knowledge tools, and the camaraderie and companionship — plus, 12 years of entrepreneurial, teaching, and coaching experience from a writer, author, and creative (me!) — to help you define and refine your own journey to claiming your calling.

There are just three days left, for now, to apply and sign up.

When you sign up for bespoke leadership coaching with me, you also become a part of Claim Your Calling℠, a small community attaché and thought leadership incubator, to ditch the solo-act and loner routines that keep creatives stuck in their heads and visionaries second-guessing their instincts.

CYC is comprised of a handful of dedicated and emergent change-makers, thoughtful creatives, and professionals who are honoring the deeper callings of their hearts.

Today, our family-sized collective — which is deliberately restricted to only ever being under 18 members at any one given time — is comprised of…

— A published poet, multi-passionate creative, and attorney-by-profession who is working on developing and defining her 1-year-old podcast around her jiu-jitsu practice and philosophy, all under the larger calling of “becoming a confident creative” for the first time in her life.

— A self-employed branding and marketing professional who is transitioning from feast-or-famine cycles of contract work and consulting gigs into full self-employment: building her own media company, beginning with a new YouTube channel, and an initial goal to reach 10,000 subscribers to monetize her channel.

— A recently-certified health coach who moonlights as a copywriter and SEO specialist whose calling is to build a successful health coaching business. Her big goal is to land her first ever paying coaching client, and all the while, we’re helping her lead channels like surveys and questionnaires, while supporting the development of abundance-mindedness and a success mindset.

— A full-time professional in Community Development and Child Services who is deepening into her mind-body connection to figure out what she desires the most, for the first time in her life, so that she can become the best professional and leader in her career. She is navigating career mobility (in the process of applying for a new job in her field), possibly resuscitating some creative work (like two novel drafts!), and considering a big move someday out to the West Coast.

— A former bartender and bar manager turned yoga teacher, full-time mom to a 2-year-old, and creative who, after finally getting out of 20 years of bartending life in 2020, is now working on rebuilding her platform as a restorative yoga teacher and community leader. Her first steps will be to grow her yoga audience safely and sustainably as the pandemic winds down and to monetize her yoga teaching so it can be an additional source of income for her family.

When you become a part of Claim Your Calling℠, you become my personal coaching client.

We drill into the heart of your story, define your vision for the life’s story you want to be telling, and start to make smart, small, sustainable steps to defining and refining your self-knowledge and self-expression practices to help you get there.

Over 6 or 12 months, you will start by joining me for monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls to clarify your vision for what you want your life — and your life’s story — to feel like, and why.

Together, we will begin to…

  • Untangle the knots of competing ideas, directions and choices of which beliefs to prioritize, which desires take precedent, and how to hold them close while honoring daily constraints and pressing obligations
  • Analyze and unpack any self-limiting beliefs or restrictive, scarcity-minded stories that may be holding you back from forward progress
  • Prioritize and literally rewrite the stories that you want to be telling, and put more direct energy and focus into them, every month
  • Sort through your creative impulses and find the perfect starting-point project or expressive pathway so that you can share your unique experiences, beliefs, and visions for the world
  • Develop a healthy creative practice that honors your mission, feels really nurturing and rewarding, and helps you start or continue to attract your tribe

Then, on top of it all, you will also unite for small-group coaching experiences alongside Claim Your Calling’s members.

Twice monthly, you’ll join me for thoughtful, energizing, 90-minute small-group coaching experiences — one called The Roundtable and the other named The Leadership Lab — through which you will…

  • Instinctively internalize the essential qualities of personal leadership, such as deep listening, thoughtful reflection, providing helpful feedback, witnessing others, and being witnessed and held among a loving group of peers
  • Verbalize and talk out your pain points and struggles and find sooner resolution and peace with them, rather than quietly stewing on them, all alone, for weeks or months on end
  • Share experiences of new learning and growth to identify what’s working well and what’s informing your process, so there’s less guess-work or reinvention as you go
  • Lean on your knowledge, lived-in wisdom and life’s experiences to honor the full soul you are, throughout lively group discussions and creative problem-solving mini-sessions
  • Celebrate each small win and mark every little victory — the ones that are so easy to overlook or brush aside when you’re forward-focused, and yet, that make the journey of claiming your calling fun, joyful, and one truly worth living!
  • Stand in the fuller light of your leadership, week after week, to naturally quell feelings of imposter syndrome or like you’re “not good enough” to serve others in the ways your soul clamors for

Is now the right time to begin the journey of claiming your calling, once and for all?

Apply for coaching today — you have until April 30th to apply, for now.

You can also discover the whole philosophy and intentions of our 1:1 and small-group coaching hybrid model here., including three new video testimonials on why my approach, and our community, are so effective for our first members.

Finally, I have made up to 3 “scholarship” discounts available presently, which reduce monthly membership costs by up to half of the standard rates.

Click here to discover how you can take advantage of discounted scholarship pricing on a self-selected sliding scale.

There is no proof of income or proof of ethnic/gender/racial/sexual identity ever required.

Thank you for honoring your truth, your will to serve, and your wholeness.

Stay unapologetically you,