The birth of a major project is far less celebratory than it is diving head first into chaos.

Does that sound a little dramatic? I guess it sounds a little dramatic. :)

But hey, it’s kinda true.

I think it’s one of those things that you don’t quite grasp until you personally experience it, yourself.

Releasing a book (or any deeply meaningful creative project) into a public venue isn’t a party. I understand that now. Every big name author, actor, director or other creative type (not that I am one) endures a near-torturous battle with fear and uncertainty on the cusp of every book launch, movie debut or gallery opening:

Excitement is forced because your energy is drained. Enthusiasm is absent because your emotions have spiraled. Expectations dissipate because your fears are haywire.

Hahah, yeah… just how awful does that sound?! :)

Here’s the thing: experiencing that is normal. Needed. And when you’re releasing a project into a public venue where it (and you) are open and vulnerable for that level of criticism — that is exactly when and how you understand that your project was actually worth it to begin with.

I briefly chatted with Pam Slim, best-selling author of ESCAPE FROM CUBICLE NATION, about success and expertise recently via Twitter.

As she puts it, “The dip into fear is the heart of the boxing ring.”

All that said, I’m feeling really good right now. But the weeks leading into and following the big book were very exhausting.

Why my book tour is postponed for now

Where does all of this leave us?

I decided to postpone my book tour for a few months until late winter / early spring.

Long story short: I’m pretty exhausted. I need some time for myself to reel it in, reflect on the last four or five months, think quietly about next steps (and basically to just shut up!).

However, reeling it in will benefit the book tour in major ways.

After all, I want to hit the road and take the messages in Lead Without Followers in front of audiences — especially college level groups — where they can be openly discussed.

We need to shift the debate away from partisan politics and divisive debate, and upon a far more uniting and equally important subject like what it means to be a leader in today’s world.

As I sit back, take a break and regroup, I’m going to plan how to best do that throughout my multi-city book tour.

Shoot me your ideas on Twitter and Facebook. I really am relying upon your help and guidance — so, really, don’t be shy!

And I’m still raising $3,500 ($2,500+ of which goes to charity)

My fundraiser for my book tour is active, and I need your help to reach my goal — if we don’t raise $3,500 to meet our fundraising goal, all donations are refunded.

However, all donation rewards will be fulfilled instantly (or as quickly as possible!) as a thank you for your support.

Why $3,500?

Over 70% of all funds raised will be donated instantly to One Girl and provide 10 OR MORE educational scholarships to young girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa who are at-risk of forced-marriage, teenage-pregnancy, resorting to prostitution to support their families and contracting HIV/AIDS:


What about the rest of the cash? Remaining funds (only around $860) will be used for cross-country airfare + lodging when couches aren’t available. I’ll fully disclose all expenditures on the fundraising page.

Here are the perks you receive for donating to this great cause:

Click the cash amount to head to the donation page!

$1 – Free chapter download of Lead Without Followers
$5 – Custom postcard (handwritten from Dave while on his book tour) designed by acclaimed patterns designer, Jessica G. Swift
$10 – Mobile pack (download of all of the mobile editions of Lead Without Followers) + postcard
$15 – A custom video ( welcome / hello / special message ) recorded by Dave for your blog that will be shared with his community of online readers of over 9,000
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$350 – Virtual Speech (via Skype) + 10 SIGNED softcover copies of Lead Without Followers!
$1000 – A guest speech anywhere in the United States – I’ll add your city to my book tour!
$1250 – Guest speech anywhere + 20 SIGNED softcover copies of Lead Without Followers!

Here’s the recap

  • My self-funded Lead Without Followers book tour is delayed so I can take a break and reel it in (patience!)
  • The tour will still happen, and be bigger and way better for it :)
  • My $3,500 fundraiser is active and ends November 3 – if you can spare $1 or $5, please donate and get cool rewards – and know that 70% is donated to charity!

On that note, I’m headed to Washington D.C. today!

I’m guest-lecturing at American University this evening and speaking about leadership and Lead Without Followers to a political science course, where my book has been integrated into class curriculum.

It’s exciting stuff.. and I’ll try to record the presentation to post here for you.

And finally, thanks a million to you for your continued support, for reading, for helping promote the book and the forthcoming book tour.

I’m humbled and grateful for you. Keep leading, and keep shining.