Please, never apologize for what is the best for you — because the best for you, I know deep down, is the best for me too.

Never apologize for what sets your spirit ablaze: the present-living, the heart-awakening, the self-actualizing glory. There are moments all around you. There are opportunities abound.

Embrace them, and never apologize for them.

Never apologize for being you — for living your life in ways that help you to be the most “you” that you possibly can be. Your work. Your living space. Your friendships and relationships. What you read, what you eat, the products you consume and the bullshit you reject. Align these as you must, and never apologize for it.

Never apologize for seeking, inviting and creating the radical change that makes people say, “What the hell is she thinking?” and “I feel like I don’t even know him anymore.” 

Do not fear this reaction.

Can you really blame them?

They have never met Your Truth.

Introduce them kindly.

Never apologize for truly tasting each day. For feeling so alive that it’s almost unbearable!

Never apologize for living in this very moment — the only one we ever have.

Never, ever apologize for that.

Do not dismiss your joy!

God weeps when you do. This life is for your divine celebration. The moon cries every night when your soul goes to sleep unfulfilled. And the sun will rise come morning, daring you with its daily game:

“Show your face to me! Show your face! Look up to the sky, simply do what I do.”

Feel no guilt for showing your face to the sun, for being you (and the “youest” you), for making someone’s day because you love them (or just because you can), even for chasing your “crazy” idea, like, right now.

There is no shame in living. 

Fully. Presently.

In creating beauty from what repulses you. In embodying what you preach, with exceeding effort and momentous strength — time and time again.

What’s shameful is not.

What’s shameful is prolonging joy; in delaying your journey, your beauty, your power, your gifts. What’s shameful is the feeling of comfort when you say,

“Not now, maybe another time.”

Your soul winces. Your fire wanes. God weeps.

There are no rules in this game but what we make!

Start within your mindspace. Till that soil. Weed often. Bloom.

And never apologize for it.