Dear Over-Apologizer,

Stop saying sorry.

Because you’re not actually apologizing.

You’re not sorry for wrongdoing.

You’re excusing your existence.

You’re apologizing for speaking what you feel called to speak, when the only “wrong” you are doing is honoring an honest, genuine and true calling within. You’re admitting aloud a quiet but common fear that we all share: that we don’t deserve to speak. Or to be heard.

You’re afraid to be seen. To receive an answer to an honest question.

To be satiated.

To feel full. Honored. Accepted.

Your apology is actually saying, “I’m sorry for not being enough.” It’s guilt. It’s shame.

I get it.

Because I’m no different than you.

We all tend to feel that way from time to time, worrying quietly that we are lacking, and incomplete, and not good enough, and “still a work in progress.”

Let’s just promise one another: we will stop using this disclaimer. If only with one another.

Your voice deserves more than to by led by an apology. 

Your soul deserves more than to preempt itself with an insecure, worry-full introduction.

So please, stop saying sorry. Don’t excuse your existence.

Because you are, you deserve.

And every time that you don’t apologize for existing, you honor your existence.

Start from there. Start by stopping the apologies. And from that foundation, you will feel your truth, your essence, your unapologetically-youness building and building upon itself.

You will rise. You will feel more whole. And you will live without apology.

With love,