Whether or not you consider yourself to be a writer, you can gain a lot of insight from this workshop about writer’s block. Why? Because no matter who we are or what we do, as humans, our words and stories comprise the experience of our lives.

The words we choose (and those we leave behind) make up the very understanding of our lives as we live them.

When it comes to writer’s block, in this workshop I ask my audience, “Why are we still breathing life into the story of ‘writer’s block,’ at all?”
In Overcome Writer’s Block, I offer a highly alternative solution to just “waiting out” your stuckness.
Much like my writing course, Unavoidable Writing, which intersects self-knowledge practices and self-expressive skill-building, I offer writers in this workshop some of the actual scripts, self-limiting beliefs and stories under the surface of “writer’s block” to help students understand the underlying behavioral causes of their emotional discomfort with writing.
When you discover the unconscious source of angst, resistance or avoidance with any practice (whether or not it’s writing!), you empower yourself with new awareness to treat the source of the pain. By healing it, you gradually discover freedom from what was holding you back in the first place.
From resistance, refuge.
From stuckness, salvation.
Avoidance is our teacher, not just as writers, but as human beings.
Whatever we’re avoiding the most shows us the perfect, personalized pathway toward what we must learn.

What’s Inside? Workshop Overview

Lesson 1: Class Introduction (09:01)
Lesson 2: Why is Writer’s Block Even a Thing? (10:15)
Lesson 3: Redefining Writer’s Block as Avoidance (08:32)
Lesson 4: How to Start Writing (12:12)
Lesson 5: Make Writing Your Home (15:24)
Lesson 6: Dealing with Overwhelm, Indecision and Guilt (05:47)
Lesson 7: Source Your Creative Direction (09:13)
Lesson 8: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (06:40)
Lesson 9: Own the Identity of ‘Writer’ (07:07)
Lesson 10: The 6-Word Question to Get Writing (04:25)

Overcome Writer’s Block is a 90-minute, live in-studio video workshop that pulls apart the mythic and intimidating idea of “writer’s block” down to three core underlying behavioral tendencies that explain most of our emotional discomfort with writing.
There will be jazz hands, spelling errors, live-audience grammar correcting, and plenty of smiles along the way:

One kind reviewer of my workshop named Barbara says,

“Terrific teacher uncovers what is stopping you from writing. Feel encouraged, hopeful, ready to own the word ‘writer’. Thank you​ Dave!”

Tune into Overcome Writer’s Block if you’re ready to really, deeply, truly rethink the idea of “writer’s block” from the inside out — and to explore how to turn your creative resistance into your refuge.

You may find that you’ll never need to tell yourself the story of “writer’s block” again.
To watch the first lesson for free (or to buy the workshop for just $15 while it’s on sale!), click here.
Thank you for considering to support my work, the incredible educational company Creative Live, and (most of all) your own creative self-expression.
You have a voice — please do use it.