Writer’s block, it’s time the story of you comes to an end.

That is the message of my workshop, Overcoming Writer’s Block, available exclusively on CreativeLive.com now for just $39.

In January 2018, I made the cross-country trip from Rhode Island to Seattle to teach 30 in-studio writers (and upwards of 6,000 streaming live from home) that while writer’s block is a “thing,” I believe it really shouldn’t be.

(This workshop comes complete with jazzy hand-guestures, my usual spelling mistakes, and a lot of bad jokes to evoke maximum joy — see below).

All of us writers agree that our words and stories comprise the experience of our lives. So why are we still breathing life into the story of “writer’s block,” a Boogeyman monster lurking in the shadows and ready to deprive you of your creative juju at a moment’s notice?

Why do we keep perpetuating the idea that there is a mysterious, nebulous, vague affliction that can befall us without mercy, without a cure, and rob us of our right, passion and desire to express ourselves?

I’m certainly not the first to offer solutions to writer’s block. But most advice you find online encourages you to distract yourself or to otherwise “wait it out.”

In my workshop, Overcome Writer’s Block, I offer a highly alternative solution:

Embracing the actual scripts, self-limiting belief or story behind your individual experience of “writer’s block” as a pathway into diagnosing the underlying behavioral “shadow” that’s actually holding you back… and that is almost certainly manifesting somewhere else in your life, depriving your overall quality of life and feeling of inner-outer wholeness.

What’s Inside? Workshop Overview

Lesson 1: Class Introduction (09:01)
Lesson 2: Why is Writer’s Block Even a Thing? (10:15)
Lesson 3: Redefining Writer’s Block as Avoidance (08:32)
Lesson 4: How to Start Writing (12:12)
Lesson 5: Make Writing Your Home (15:24)
Lesson 6: Dealing with Overwhelm, Indecision and Guilt (05:47)
Lesson 7: Source Your Creative Direction (09:13)
Lesson 8: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (06:40)
Lesson 9: Own the Identity of ‘Writer’ (07:07)
Lesson 10: The 6-Word Question to Get Writing (04:25)

Overcome Writer’s Block is a 90-minute, live in-studio video workshop that pulls apart the mythic and intimidating idea of “writer’s block” down to three core underlying behavioral tendencies that explain most of our emotional discomfort with writing.

Based on my professional experience working alongside over 300 writers from more than a dozen nations since 2012, I’ve become mildly obsessed with helping writers (of all levels, and even those who don’t feel comfortable calling themselves “writers” at all) get through their stuckness and into a sustainable, self-supportive relationship to self-expression.

One kind reviewer of my workshop named Barbara says,

“Terrific teacher uncovers what is stopping you from writing. Feel encouraged, hopeful, ready to own the word ‘writer’. Thank you​ Dave!”

Tune into Overcome Writer’s Block if you’re ready to really, deeply, truly rethink the idea of “writer’s block” from the inside out — and to explore how to turn your creative resistance into your refuge.

You may find that you’ll never need to tell yourself the story of “writer’s block” again.

Click here to watch a free preview, or to buy the workshop for life for just $39.

P.S. — If you’re tickled in all the right and appropriate places by the ideas in my CreativeLive workshop, you’ll probably also enjoy this free workbook that I created: Writer’s Block Is Dead! 9 Steps to Vanquish Writer’s Block. It’s free, no catches. Enjoy!