What can today’s parents learn from those without children?

What perspectives, refreshing ideas and unencumbered insights can some of the foremost “unparents” of our modern age share with parents who are struggling to rear their kids?

Turns out, quite a bit.

Everybody knows that parents of today are often too close to their own parenting to be able to see their parenting shortcomings and failures.

High school drop-out rates are soaring. Twenty-something unemployment continues to skyrocket. More post-graduates than ever are living on their parents’ payroll–and faulty parenting is largely to blame.

From childhood obesity to misbehaving toddlers being sold into reality-TV slavery on Bravo and A&E, the American age is at risk of total collapse.

In the face of troubling times comes a revolutionary resource with an ever-important message.


Parenting Without Children: What Parents Can Learn from Those Without Kids is a radical departure from traditional parenting theories and advice, with a refreshing philosophy that originates entirely from leading thinkers who are not encumbered by the pitfall of subjective parenting bias that occurs from being a parent to your own children.

Hard truth: Parenting doesn’t have to be as tough as you’re making it out to be.

The second book in my “Without” series and the unofficial sequel to my debut book Lead Without Followers, Parenting Without Children presents parents of all ages with revolutionary ideas from “unparenting” techniques to everyday “anti-parenting” strategies that men and women of all ages can implement in pursuit of a modern-day parenting style that doesn’t turn otherwise stable adults into martyrs and high-functioning lunatics.

Without a doubt, Parenting Without Children will help make the world a better place by guiding parents through a radical redefinition of the meaning of “parenting,” from the remarkably unique perspective of “unparenting.”

My name is Dave Ursillo. I’ve been an “unparent” to 7 cousins and 2 siblings for more than 28 years.

pwoc-shrugThroughout my nearly three decades of unparenting, I’ve become a natural role-model and mentor to young family members.

I always hear people telling me, “Kids simply love you. You’re great with them.”

The biggest question that they have asked of me time and time again is,

“How do you do it?”

My talent with children is because I’m such an effective “unparent.”

Parenting Without Children is an in-depth treatment of “what it takes to be a great unparent in 2014 and beyond,” and it all starts by remembering how you used to say you would parent your children–long before you ever had kids.

The truth is that parents with children get too swept up in antiquated parenting techniques that they’ve read in books written by psychologists and advice espoused since the time of powdered wigs and human-powered farm ploughs.

Don’t you remember how you said you would parent your future children–before you had them?

  • “I’ll never feed my kids at the drive-through.”
  • “I don’t want my kid to be raised in daycare.”
  • “Vaccinations? No way. We’ll just use a lot of Purrell.”

Parenting Without Children escorts you back to a simpler time: your life without kids.

By reconnecting with a purer understanding of parenting when you were a non-parent, Parenting Without Children will help you develop a refreshingly simple, effective and productive parenting mindset.

What’s in the Book

Part 1) The Parenting Problem

Chapter 1. Why Parenting is Tougher Than Ever

From social media and sexting to GMOs and the evaporation of the honeybee population, there are more threats than ever to today’s children–and parents know that they’re to blame. How do parents effectively deflect blame for the world’s mounting epidemics, without sounding like hypocrites?

Chapter 2. The Danger Signs

Are you aware of parenting’s biggest danger signs? From Mac’n’Cheese dinners to teetering laundry piles, this checklist of danger signs is something you can use around your home to see if you’re a parent who’s on the brink of emotional collapse.

Chapter 3. Hearing the “Parent-Laugh”

Research from 59 family counselors and child psychologists shows that parents under parenting duress subconsciously express their torment with a subtle, maniacal cackle. This warning sign, dubbed the “Parent-Laugh,” is an epidemic to the modern American family. Have you heard the “Parent-Laugh”?

Chapter 4. You Look Worn Down, But You Don’t Have To

From manscaping and Botox to permanent make-up, advances in skin-deep appearance are aplenty to help modern day parents look good, even when they feel like shit. Don’t short yourself: pony up the big dollars so that you look refreshed and rested, even when you’re just a high-functioning insomniac.

Part 2) How to Parent Without Children

Chapter 5. Learning from Dog-Owners (and Other Pet Parents)

Baby or puppy, child or dog, taking care of one dependent is basically the same thing as taking care of another–minus the fur. What can every aspiring “unparent” learn from skillful dog owners? From shaking a can full of pennies at your toddler to the most comfortable baby leashes, dog owners set the path for a successful unparent.

Chapter 6. The Sugar Cereals Test: How to Take Parenting Cues from Onlookers

Not sure what to buy at the grocery store for your kids, and what to leave behind? The simplest and most effective method is called The Sugar Cereals Test. By taking cues from judging onlookers at the supermarket, you have a simple and blatant visual aid to help you decide whether that box of cereal is a “sure buy” or “to be left behind.”

Chapter 7. Put It to a Vote: To Daycare or Not to Daycare?

Should you put your kids into daycare? Put it to a vote. Ask your in-laws, neighbors, pharmacist and local yoga instructors–the outcome of the vote may surprise you.

Chapter 8. You’re Not Making Enough Time For Yourself, and You Know It

You know that you need to make more time and space for yourself as a parent, so why not now? I know, you say, “It’s easier said than done,” but the unparent within replies, “Does it really have to be?” Screw the kids’ play-date, why don’t you go to the spa instead?

Part 3) Becoming an Unparent

Chapter 9. Is She Crying for her Bottle, or for her iPhone?

It may warp the development of children’s eyesight and cause unsightly addictions to technology before the age of 3, but if it stops a child from crying for 15 minutes, can giving her an iPhone really be all that bad?

Chapter 10. Clean Up After Yourself: Teaching Kids to Change Their Own Diapers

Swedish researchers have spent more than 25 years researching child diaper psychology–the results? The most effective way to get kids to clean up after themselves is to refuse to clean up their shit. Let it sit, simmer and stew. Eventually, the kid will pick up on your unparenting cues and find a mop.

Chapter 11. You’re Not Perfect, But This Kid Ought to Be: From Baby Pageants to Toddler Cross-Fit

Where did you fail in life? Whatever dreams you never pursued and whatever goals you failed to accomplish, the good news is that your child presents the opportunity for you to correct your shortcomings. From coaching their self-confidence through harshly judged beauty competitions to soul-crushing, nationally televised spelling bees, and toddler Cross-Fit and UFC fighting so extreme they’re sure to stunt growth before puberty; you may not be perfect, but your kid ought to be.

Chapter 12. Yes, It Is Possible to ‘Life-Hack’ Your Children

Instead of starting a lemonade stand, what about posting those finger paintings onto Etsy? Helping your child become a pre-teen entrepreneur will build confidence, and a savings account. It’s not really “child labor” if they love it.

A New Age Calls for New Ideas.

Parenting Without Children presents some of the most radically forethought ideas and unconventional child-rearing notions since the dunce cap, including:

  • Hunger strikes and juice fasts: What kids learn when you keep them hungry
  • Time-out, or time in? Forcing kids into playdates with classmates they hate, to help them behave
  • Multi-lingual and loving it. Teach them conversational Latin early, and they will diliget in perpetuum.

Parenting Without Children is educational, inspirational, and practical for helping modern day parents and future parents become smarter, healthier and happier in all aspects of their lives–period.

Whether for you or for a parent you know and love (and feel very concerned for), you can own your copy of Parenting Without Children at an affordable rate.

pwoc-book-sm Parenting Without Children:
What Every Parent Can Learn from Those Without Children

Debuted #1 in Parenting and #2 in Self-Help on Amazon

You can own Parenting Without Children in either digital or paperback edition for just a few dollars:

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dadParenting Without Children is a child-rearing enema that unblocks years’ worth of parental constipation that I’ve developed from three decades of raising children who can’t seem to move out of my house. Thank you, Dave.”David Ursillo, Sr., Father of the Author

mom“David, do you want to come over for dinner tonight? I know you’re probably not eating enough vegetables. Love, Mom.”Jane Ursillo, Mother of the Author, via Email

bonk“As the younger sister of the author, I can attest to Dave Ursillo’s remarkable, lifelong unparenting skills and abilities. Innate and genius, every parent should heed what this unparent has to say.”Bianca Ursillo, What I Imagine My Sister Would Say About Me

gianoo“D.D. has the expertise of being a role model without needing to participate in the disciplinary function of parenting, so it makes sense why he would write this book. You should probably just trust yourself as a parent.”Giana Faith, Little Cousin of the Author

kentoo“My big cousin D.D. lets me eat whatever I want, dress however I want, and do whatever I want. Now I’m the sassiest six-year-old on this side of the Mississippi. So, yeah.”Kendal Grace, Little Cousin of the Author

ahnold“World-renowned body builder? Check. Movie star? Check. Governor of California? Check. Unparent? You bet. I spent twenty years raising a legitimate child while secretly raising an illegitimate child–no parenting book out there could help me with that, except for Parenting Without Children. Thanks, Dave Ursillo.”Arnold Schwarzenegger, Father and Former Governor of California

darth-daddy“As the First Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire, my day job consisted of methodically enslaving the galaxy. From destroying planets to enslaving races, a guy like me doesn’t have the time or the energy to be a ‘traditional dad.’ I need a book like Parenting Without Children to help me.”Darth Vader, Father of 2 and First Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire

It’s Time to Redefine Parenting.

Because parenting isn’t as tough as you’ve made it out to be.

Fill a bottle with some organic hemp milk, sport a Baby Bjork so everyone knows that you mean business, and give the kids the straight talk so they feel like adults.

Suddenly, your kids will not only be healthier and happier, but they’ll respect you a lot more, too.

Why? Because you’re no longer “just a parent.” You’re an “unparent.” And that’s pretty cool.


P.S. – The first 100 buyers of Parenting Without Children will also be eligible to win free author-signed copies of my next two books, Driving Without a License (expected June 2014) and Cooking Without Food (expected September 2014).





I’m usually the one on the *fooled* side of April Fool’s Day, but this year, I thought it would be  fun to poke fun at myself and my first book by teasing you parents out there who know full well that unsolicited, uninformed parenting advice is something you have to dodge far too often.

I managed to dupe and entertain quite a few people, and not upset

A special thank you is owed to my friend and go-to photographer, Bethany O’Connor, for helping me make this April Fool’s Day joke a presentable one. :)

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