As you may know, I’m co-hosting an awesome little retreat at the end of January 2018.

My friend Kate Marolt is co-hosting with me. She’s awesome. A huge heart, super creative, an entrepreneur and an abundantly generous teacher. We met at a conference a couple years ago (where we were both teaching yoga), and hit it off so hard that we decided to bring a retreat to Costa Rica in 2016.

Now we’re going to the Sacred Valley of Peru — a lush, vibrant, colorful place of ancient culture, familial kindness, and “old world” presence where the minutes on the clock aren’t so anxiously counted.

I visited Peru in January 2016 for my 30th birthday, and had an absolutely spectacular time.

So I want to bring you back with me this time :)

We will be visiting Machu Picchu. Meeting locals of the traditional Quechua culture for an earth-oven cooked lunch. Taking a sound bath in an ancient amphitheater. Doing yoga daily, and holding space for ourselves to relax, explore, reflect and soak up the energy of earth, fresh air and guardian mountains.

If you’re still considering joining Kate and me (and our small band of awesome folks who want to vacation with purpose, get in touch with themselves, and experience life in a whole new corner of the world), you still have time!

Limited tickets are remaining, and we have a little discount running through the end of October if you’re able to commit to join us by then.

As you feel and sense into this invitation to join us in Peru, here’s a writing prompt you can explore along with our guests on the stories you’re living, those that shaped you, and becoming the hero/ine of your story from here.

You can look forward to one of these every month leading up to our adventure at the end of January :)

Ready? Let’s begin!

Peru Prompt #1: “What myths are you living?”

As teachers of self-expression, embodiment and yoga, the idea of “personal mythology” is a big passion for each of us. It’s why our time in Peru will revolve around this concept of the stories we tell ourselves and share with others: because those stories have a big impact on how we perceive, respond, and engage with this beautiful thing called life.

Your personal mythology consists of a wide range of stories and narratives — some have been taught to you directly, but most have been learned, assumed or inherited beliefs and ideas coming from society, culture, upbringing, and life experiences.

Unexamined, these stories tend to feel like the hand of fate dictating who we are and what our lives are destined to become.

But is it really so?

In your first pre-retreat journaling session, take some time in the next two weeks (set a date and time, and stick to it!) to explore the major “story” forces that have come to influence your own personal mythology in your life.

You might look all the way back to the very beginning, or take a more “now” focus to examine what stories you’ve been living lately. To kick off your reflection, you may ask yourself questions like:

  1. What stories influenced you growing up?
  2. What’s your definition of a hero / heroine? What might change if you write yourself as the hero/ine of your own story?
  3. If you were to pick a couple of archetypes that you strive to embody (warrior, artist, champion, healer, teacher, leader, lover, athlete, mystic, adventurer… to name a few), what would they be?
  4. Reflect on a story you’ve heard yourself share with someone recently that made you think after, “Why do I say that about myself?’ Maybe it was downplaying an accomplishment, or over-apologizing for something you actually don’t feel you did wrong. Where is that story coming from? What is it all about?
  5. How might you begin to tell a story about your upcoming adventure to Peru to friends, family and co-workers in the weeks ahead that shines a light on your hero/ine nature, or what you believe matters most to you these days and how you’re pursuing it?

Most importantly, have fun with these reflections!

Our aim is to create a space for self-inquiry based in curiosity and exploration. It may bring up some stuff, and that’s okay.  All of this is in service of you choosing and creating the life you want to have. :)

With love,

Dave and Kate

Happy writing, fam!

Drop me a line anytime to let me know what about this retreat lights you up, or if you have any questions that I can clear up for you before you take the leap!

Only a handful of spaces remain.

I hope you can join me in Peru! If you can’t, I still love you :)

Until next time, keep on shining on,