Place yourself in this landscape in your imagination:

Silent mornings with your journal, fresh fruit, and a seat before a lush valley.

You ease into a gentle yoga session that’s designed to expand your physical awareness, deepen your breaths, and erase anxiety.

To close, just a few precious moments of subtle meditation.


After you awaken your body, you stroll with new comrades to a quaint banquet room for a farm-to-table meal, prepared fresh for you from local gardens.

By the afternoon, you’re knee deep in ancient culture that you’d only read about in books. Colorful garb, alpacas, endless rows of corn and the still-spoken Quechua language of the Inca brings centuries’ worth of history, family and tradition to life. You’re suddenly a part of it. In this remote old-world (that is still effortlessly modern), you’re geolocated just one hour’s drive from the old capital city of Cusco, itself consistently rated and ranked the top culinary and cultural destination for all of Latin America.

Days of mindfulness and perspective shifting.

Ancient ruins and cold pressed corn drinks.

This may not be your ordinary vacation week in the middle of winter, but it is a vacation with purpose — and one that you won’t ever forget.

Is this retreat right for you?

My good friend and retreat co-host Kate Marolt and I are thrilled to be offering this very retreat experience to you.

Personal Myth, Mindfulness & Machu Picchu is its name and it’s happening from January 27 to February 3, 2018 in the Sacred Valley of Peru, only one red-eye flight and a short connection away from most of the United States and Canada.

It’s going to be an enriching, thoroughly thoughtful and completely invigorating time.

And yet, Kate and I are completely aware of just how many things have to fall into place for a weeklong adventure in South America like this to be possible for you. There’s plenty of consider! And while the you may have every good intention to travel the world and indulge in a retreat like this, even between figuring out logistics and fine details there remains one ultimate question:

But is this really for me?

We’ve heard your questions, and have an answer for you.

Below is a short quiz that we’ve designed with actual details regarding our retreat, the core values which we consistently build into our events, and some aspects you may or may not have yet considered.

By the end of the quiz, you’ll understand why this retreat is a great fit for you — or, why it may not be.

Take the quiz…