Written, Spoken: A Podcast by Dave Ursillo

In every episode of Written, Spoken, the written word comes to life as the spoken word through the voices of the writers who wrote them.

Written, Spoken features human interest stories and personal narrative essays that reach across superficial differences and into the shared experience of what it means to be human.

If you live your life at the intersection of self-knowledge and self-expression, this podcast is for you.

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What Will I Hear on Written, Spoken?

Spring/Summer 2020: Season 2 of Written, Spoken features 10 guest authors reading excerpts from their published books before joining Dave for an intimate interview about their creative process, their personal and professional journeys, as well as the stories behind the books they’ve created:

  • Best-selling author Jennifer Louden shares her book, Why Bother?, and discusses how this self-fulfilling rhetorical question is actually an admission that you need to discover your desire, once and for all
  • Multi-award-winning author Marcello Di Cintio reads a compelling excerpt about being on the front lines of a skirmish on the Palestine/Israel border, before opening up about how he became a traveling writer.

Summer/Autumn 2020: In Season 3 of Written, Spoken, we’ll be accepting listener contributions for the very first time.

Summer 2019: Season 1 of Written, Spoken featured 10 of creator Dave Ursillo’s personal narrative essays and human interest stories that marked the 10-year anniversary of his leaving his first career path in public service behind. Listeners tuned in to:

  • Witness an intimate moment of transition in Dave’s personal life, and how he strived to make good of it
  • Step into the uncomfortable reality that is exploring a brand new creative endeavor for the first time
  • Hear the story of a secret language Dave learned on the streets of Paris, and what it reminded him about people everywhere
  • Question the stories that govern our perceptions of life, including who we are and what we’re capable of
  • Reflect on how political correctness may be a myth that misleads us from understanding the constantly evolving nature of all human communication
  • Consider the story behind a worldwide phenomenon responsible for thwarting the creative self-expression of millions of writers the world over for the last 40 years

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