You’re not alone. You’re never alone.

But… that feeling?

The feeling of isolation, of loneliness, of separation or distance… whether it’s feeling distant from other people in a physical sense, or, worse, feeling distant from yourself… even a separation from your true path, your life’s mission, your intended journey…

Feeling alone sucks.

…But it’s also a sign. 

A road sign. An indicator — a measuring stick. A slap in the face to wake up and realize that life is short — too short to be disconnected.

So, reconnect.

Reconnect with your truth. Reconnect with your purpose. Rediscover the values you quietly live by every day, reestablish your path beneath your feat. Reclaim what it means to be you — unapologetically you.

Shout it out to the world.

The magical truth is that reconnecting with your true self, with your path and with your life’s purpose — perspectives, opinions and feelings that all occur within your own mindspace — that the physical path beneath your feet literally begins to take shape.

The magical truth is that reconnecting with the world and the people around you physically shapes your attitudes, your emotional presence and your mental-consciousness — you actually begin to live your daily life on a stronger, more powerful vibrational frequency that literally encourages others to feel more invited to approach you, to speak with you, to even befriend you.

The magical truth is that reconnection — within yourself and out in the world — is the simple key to solving that horrible feeling of disconnect that you’re feeling.

Little did I know that we would experience a little bit of magic like that last Tuesday night.

Purpose and The Path

That night last week, my pal Jacob from Sensophy and I were joined by over twenty purpose-hungry rockstars dialed in to participate in a catch-free and totally unscripted conference call hosted by us — a collaborative experiment that we put on with hopes of bringing people together, and facilitating a very real human experience:

Real voices of real people from around the world sharing their struggles with finding their true sense of purpose and walking an authentic path in life.

Using technology to facilitate raw and authentic human interaction.

That, in itself, we knew could be a pretty special experience.

And then, the real magic happened.

Firstly, you actually showed up! In as little as dialing in to the call, whether or not you even realized it, you drew decisive lines in the sand — reaffirming your personal commitment and soulful dedication to living a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Second, you asked some really, really tough questions — like… really great, very personal and way meaningful questions that really mattered to everyone who was listening! Life-questions, baby.

We really had no idea what to expect. Jacob and I were totally unnerved just minutes before the call, as we privately chatted on the phone together: “You ready to do this man?” “…Let’s do it dude.”

In spite of our nerves and some admitted “Can we really pull this off?” insecurities, we reminded ourselves that this was us living our purpose: helping you to find yours!

And over 100 minutes later  — yes, our “1-hour” phone call went for over an hour and forty minutes! — we felt like we had really hit on something special.

But you’ll have to listen in for yourself to hear why.

Listen to the Call:

Here’s a bit of feedback we received from callers:

“Thank you so much for the invite! That was awesome! Everything I heard was amazing and I would certainly love to participate if you ever happen to do this again.” — L.C

“I wanted to send a sincere thank you for your time and giving to the universe.” — B.K.

“Great call – that was awesome! I was in a listening mood tonight… but I could definitely relate to the stories which were shared. I don’t think I realized how much I was defined by my job until now. With the new freedom, I am discovering things I loved but had forgotten as well as new passions. Who knew!!” — T.

Simply put, the call was magical. Both coaches explained how what I was feeling was totally normal; especially if I was planning on doing big things and living on purpose. Dave put it best when he simply said, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’ My response… will do.” — T.C.

Feeling Alone? Reconnect!

The “magic” that everyone took away from our call last week was simple. Feeling alone is an indication of simple disconnect: a quiet, personal, circumstantial road sign. And once you see those road signs, you can respond to them by choosing to reconnect — by making the conscious choices and firm decisions to alter course.

  • Maybe you’re disconnected from sharing deep human experiences — simply take a couple uncomfortable steps to branch out more, to break routine, to dare to smile more, to open up to others more.
  • Maybe you’re disconnected from raw human interaction — turn off the computer, the cell phone, fuck your Twitter stream and Facebook updates for a few hours. Go outside. Look into real human faces. Have a long conversation. Remember that technology is a tool that is meant to facilitate ease of connection and conversation between physical divides — don’t make it harder for yourself by staying isolated from the world around it.
  • Maybe you’re disconnected from yourself — your head and heart aren’t on the same wavelength; fuzziness, not clarity, reigns supreme.
  • Maybe you’re disconnected from your purpose, your path, the sense of fulfillment and meaning that your heart demands — I can help with that, too.

One of the greatest gifts that we can ever give ourselves is to reconnect with our own “True North” — that magical, liberating sense that we’ve stumbled upon our path; the divine plan that the Universe crafted when you came into this world.

Call it fate, call it destiny, or call it a simple contentment that you’re on a right track! We all want that feeling. I believe it’s a fundamental human desire.

And, I believe that you really owe it to yourself — and to everyone else around you — to reconnect with your path and to walk it, in spite of the unknowns, the uncertainty and fears that you will certainly encounter.

No more disconnect.

You deserve more.