I just celebrated the 8 year anniversary of leaving my job, ending my young career, and beginning anew as a writer and aspiring author.

I thought there would be little better way to honor the occasion than alongside you, since, after all, the journey of being a writer is all the more fun and meaningful if there are some readers to share it with.

Today, I’m thrilled to be releasing a new exclusive Second Editions package of all six of my self-published books.

They’ve been elegantly redesigned in beautiful e-book format, lightly revised and updated, and each now features a new preface to tell the story behind the book’s publication.

Take a look at the difference for yourself:

I would love nothing more than for you to indulge in these 589 pages this summer.

And as a subscriber to my newsletter, you get access to my life’s work to date for 50% off — that’s just $26 for 6 books.

Here’s the only catch…

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What may be the coolest part about this collection of work is the genre-range of the books.

Inside, you’ll find two collections of free-styled spiritual poems; a community-created collection of stories and essays on creativity to encourage fellow writers to just keep writing; personal tales from my travels; a critique of the meaning of leadership in the modern world; and a miniature manifesto that dares you to realize the full extent of your potential.

Here’s an overview of each book included

  1. I Am We: Poems. (2015) – A soulful collection of poems that invites you into the many faces that make up the unique soul called You.
  2. Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun (2014) – Lower Manhattan after Super-Storm Sandy. Flying into Boston as the 2013 Marathon Bombings unfold. Heartbreak and hilarity in Hawaii. Adventure in Iceland. And 13,000 miles of stories in between.
  3. Before You Quit Writing, Read This! (2013) – 23 stories and strategies to help keep you going on your creative journey.
  4. God Whispers on the Wind (2012) – 81 poems that exist to connect you to Spirit within, around and abound. Enjoy these morsels as reminders that we are all connected to the Source that has brought us here (and, for that matter, to one another).
  5. Lead Without Followers (2011) – Set against a disturbing backdrop of escalating anger with modern elected leaders, Lead Without Followers is one young political exile’s reflections on why our leaders are failing us.
  6. Power from Within (2010) – Personal growth, self-discovery and inner peace. Power from Within lays out a philosophy on human nature, affirming the power of choice and vital obligation of all beings to Self-Actualize.

I’m really proud of this collection, and couldn’t be happier with the beautiful redesigns.

They make for the very best reading experience of these books, ever.

Over the last 8 years I’ve self-published 6 books and have contributed to 6 more. I’ve published 500 essays here on my blog and have penned over 100 newsletters to my readers. And, we’re only just getting started :)

So if you enjoy my blog posts and my newsletters, there’s no better way to take a deep dive into the philosophy, outlook and practices that I’ve been cultivating and teaching with thousands of everyday journeyers, yogis, creatives and self-starters around the world since 2009.

More than a chance to look into my philosophy, I hope you’ll experience the 589 pages in these 6 books as a chance to cultivate your own philosophy a little more.

I’ve always said that books allow our souls to meet without ever having spoken. So take these pages and meet the world, and people, and artistry, and life’s meaning, as I’ve journeyed to discover them.

Then, make them your own.

Happiest of reading to you,

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