winning. succeeding. conquering.  accomplishing…

failing. flopping. imploding. combusting….

these are the things that hound your mind when you’re striving to create.


but no matter the outcome

regardless of what happens

and everything you can’t ever know,

you have to show up.


because to truly create

is not to create at all.


it is to flow from some place within you — or maybe even further than that.

untouchable, unseen, unheard,

an originating source that channels itself through you and what you do.

it’s not creating at all.


you do it because you have to, you need to

its not about the outcome, it never was.

it’s about showing up.


and, regardless of all the things that you can’t ever really know

about tomorrow, or how, or why,

all you really need to do

is remember to show up.


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flickr photo credit: foo joon sunn