“Sometimes, in order to find yourself, you need to lose yourself.”

After a long hiatus, I had one of those “now or never” moments when I decided to break out my Flip Mini HD camera and start recording a random train of thought for my video blog, RenegadeTV..

RenegadeTV is the name of my video blog — located at TV.DaveUrsillo.com — and was originally started in April of 2010, mostly to put my face and personality to my name, which is plastered across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and my websites and personal blogs.

With time, RenegadeTV began to take direction: the video blog would be specific to exploring “everyday” ideas and methods for putting the lofty, sometimes unpractical ideals behind “Renegadeism” and the subjects of self-improvement, personal development, inner growth, and spiritual well-being that I write about.

After a few months though, I felt like I was kind of talking into the wind. Over the summer I assessed my aims, and have since decided to relaunch RenegadeTV with a less formal approach. I want to take my camera with me on my travels to different locations and record informal trains of thought, random tidbits and ponderings. After all, recording random moments of “everyday” thought would seem to be the most accurate way of capturing “everyday” methods of embodying and living Renegadeism.

[viddler id=31f35b1&w=545&h=349]

In this episode of RenegadeTV — remember that all previous/future episodes are posted at TV.DaveUrsillo.com — I took out my camera and set it up on a rock to record a moment: hiking in the woods, I went off-trail to climb some rocks and ascend a low hill’s summit. It seemed a fitting place to share honest thoughts!

In life, as with my own hiatus from RenegadeTV, sometimes you need to “lose yourself” in order to “find yourself.” Sometimes, you need to take a break from what you think matters most, in order to realize what truly does matter the most. Sometimes, you need to boil down your focus from “the big picture” and remember that we have no other moment than this moment, right here, right now.

What do YOU do to “lose” yourself in order to “find” yourself?