Welcome to RenegadeTV

RenegadeTV is a new, community-driven Internet video show — hosted by yours truly — that discusses self help, personal excellence, and alternative leadership topics while exploring and developing the philosophy of Renegadeism.

The new video show will take a “video blog” format and feature short, weekly episodes that range from 5 to 10 minutes in duration; just enough to inspire some thoughts and discussion.

Each weekly episode will focus on one primary subject or talking point and intend to spark constructive discussion in an engaged community of viewers, spanning topics of self help, self improvement, personal excellence, alternative leadership, and more.

RenegadeTV is community-driven — anyone can contribute! Although I am personally hosting the new video blog, I fully intend to incorporate guest hosts, co-hosts, interviews, and accept content (video, image, quotes, and more) contributions offered by viewers and submitted through the Tumblr microblogging platform.

Who is the intended audience?

RenegadeTV is primarily targeted to Generation Y viewers, but I believe that it will be well received by a diverse cross section of men and women who have passions for inspirational and motivational messages, as well as for thought-provoking and creative discussion on many of the ideals that outside the box thinkers and self-proclaimed “Renegades” hold dear.

Truly, RenegadeTV is an exploration of life, human nature, and the ways to better ourselves on behalf of others. Show episodes will harp upon the importance and benefits of selflessness, charity, optimism, and positive thinking. The show’s premise — and what constitutes the philosophy of Renegadeism — is that for us “believers,” especially young Americans, to believe in and embody these values today in what feels like an increasingly cynical world, it’s as if you’d have to be a “renegade.”

“Renegadeism” Meets “Vlogging”

Renegadeism is a mindset that I describe as a generation-based campaign of self-awareness, self-exploration and self-improvement. Through the mindset of Renegadeism, men and women who “believe”– especially members of Generation Y — will strive to stay true to their nature; strive to better themselves; and ultimately, prepare themselves to take responsibility for the world that they are on the brink of inheriting as their sole responsibility.

Today, to believe, it’s as if you have to be a Renegade. Are you among our ranks? Join me and the Ranks of the Renegades over at TV.DaveUrsillo.com and check out my new Internet video show RenegadeTV! Pre-season episodes start tomorrow, Monday April 12 2010!

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