3-Day Story Reset

The 3-Day Story Reset is a free micro-journaling program that inspires on-the-spot awareness for “the story you’ve been living lately.”

Over three days, you’ll use simple, fill-the-blank prompting and thoughtful reflections to spark awareness in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Designed for ease of use, you’ll introspect by selecting meaningful words and descriptions to ignite cognitive growth and conscious understanding of the events, details, and circumstances of recent months.

Better yet, you’ll craft immediate, actionable steps for gently shifting your life into alignment with the story that you want, and deserve to be telling.

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“Powerful! The 3-Day Story Reset brought out details that hadn’t come out before about the story that I want to be telling.”— Dawn L. (Ontario, Canada)

“Profound… the 3-Day Story Reset is encouraging me to allow what I know has been lurking beneath the surface to reveal itself in a more realistic way.”— Jenny A. (Rhode Island, USA)

“The 3-Day Story Reset was a check-in to help me gauge how far I’ve come, and to estimate the distance between where I am and where I want to be.”— Aidyn L. (Wisconsin, USA)

How Does It Work?

Every day for three days, you’ll complete six, simple, fill-the-blank prompts to provoke new insights and perceptiveness on the story of who you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re craving and desiring from your life lately.

After completing all six of your fill-the-blank prompts daily, you’ll then complete just one, short written reflection in your journal or note-taking app of choice to piece together your fill-the-blank responses — and larger narrative awareness for your story — into smooth, cognitive understanding.

By completing the 3-Day Story Reset, you’ll gain new insights and develop ideas for how to gently shift the story that you’ve been living towards the story that you want to be telling.

The 3-Day Story Reset has been called “unexpectedly deep,” “a nice surprise,” and “a valuable opportunity to gauge how far I’ve come.” Start your reset today. Sign up below!

Pause, Reflect and Reset Your Story in 3 Days

My name is Dave Ursillo and as a professional writer, coach, and teacher of self-expression, I designed the 3-Day Story Reset as a simple tool to help you use your words to gently nudge your story back in the direction of one that you truly want and deserve to be living.

Why does this program matter?

The words we use (and those we leave behind) shape the very story of our lives.

And, in the course of our everyday lives, it’s very easy to lose yourself in a story that you don’t want to be telling, let alone living.

The Three-Day Story Reset will help you take your power back.

What You Receive:

  • 1 Daily Email for 3 Days
  • 6 Daily Fill-the-Blank Reflection Prompts
  • 1 Daily Reflection Journaling Prompt
  • Bonus Tips and Recommendations for Success
  • A Special, Limited Offer Upon Completion of the Program (It’s a Surprise!)

Program Benefits:

  • Designed to be completed in as little as 15 minutes per day
  • No special requirements, prerequisites, or major homework involved
  • Easily highlight key learnings and honor moments of growth
  • Deepen a natural appreciation for the story that you’ve been living lately
  • Develop fresh cognitive awareness through mindful, simple reflections

Remember, Your Words Matter!

The power of witnessing your story emerge in actual, physical words — whether on a paper page, or on a digital screen — is that they become tangibly real.

When our stories stay in our heads, hearts, or speech, they have a way of seeming invisible or fleeting.

By writing your stories down, you witness their tangible reality. You see proof of their existence — as concrete and real as the cells of our bodies. When written, you can decide whether or not you’d like to shift, edit, or retell your story.

The 3-Day Story Reset will help you do exactly that.

So, don’t tarry or delay — join this free program now:

I look forward to seeing you inside.