The last few months have been so (blessedly) full of activity, movement, and creation that I feel as though I’m just getting my feet under me. And when I look at the calendar, it’s almost February!

With one-twelfth of 2018 already passed, I’m spending time over the next two weeks to sit down with my journal to really feel through the potential of what I want my New Year to be.

If you’ve been feeling similarly to me, I’d like to invite you to join me in one of my favorite creative exercises.

Grab your journal and join me for my New Year Restart.

Use this set of 10 intention-setting prompts to guide your personal reflection on the year ahead.

I hope you find these prompts conscientious, meaningful and supportive as you envision and feel out your 2018!

10 Prompts for an Intentional 2018

— #1. Imagine that it’s New Year’s Day of 2019. What will my New Year’s Resolution be for next year? This is a question that prompts some forethought around where you sense your intentions may be one year from now. Where can you imagine your attention, heart, mind to be in one year?


— #2. “By this time next year, I will describe my 2018 as having been ___________, ___________, and ___________.” Imagine “thinking back” to 2018. Choose 3 core feeling states or labels that capture how you would ideally desire your 2018 to have felt by this time next year.


— #3. “In 2019, I’ll reflect back on my 2018 and remember memories that I made, like ___________, ___________ and ___________.” In other words, what memories would you like to have made in 2018?


— #4. Imagine it’s December 31st, 2018: “I will look back on my year and feel like I really ___________.” When you imagine yourself thinking back on your year-that-was, how do you really, truly want to feel? What will make you feel accomplished, fulfilled, or whole?


— #5. “2018 will be the last year that I ___________, and the first year that I ___________.” Feel your answers more from the present moment, this time. What do you want to stop doing this year? What would you like to start doing this year? Try to think less about “resolution-setting” and more about letting something go, and welcoming something in.

— #6. “How do I wish to be seen or witnessed by others in 2018?” Again, from the present moment, sense into how you desire to “show up” in the lives of those around you.


— #7. “What qualities or traits do I wish others to know me for in this New Year?” Ideally, how would you like to be valued?


— #8. “What mission, goal, or direction does my soul-knowledge ask me to embrace, once and for all, starting in 2018?” Is there a focus, feeling or truth that is calling for your fullest attention this year?


— #9. “How do I wish for Abundant Source to ‘show up’ and provide for me in 2018?” Flip the script above and ask life, Source, the Universe, the God of your choosing, or others around you, to help provide to YOU. What will make you feel nourished and supported? Uplifted and aligned?


— #10. “How do I wish to express my inner truth — out in the world — in 2018?” What you express matters. From words to stories to the ideas in your head, how do you desire to express your truth in the coming year? What forms will it take? Are they loud, or subtle? Big expressions, or soft ones? Get creative, and allow your imagination to be uninhibited.


I hope these intentions help you restart your 2018 with intentionality and love.

Let’s make this year a beautiful one.