Serena Misquez is a spiritual authenticity coach who helps women stop their people-pleasing tendencies so they can start to live more truthfully to their inner code and desires.

She had been coaching women for free, but became a Story Shine client to polish and perfect her pitch as she was preparing her first high-end coaching packages.

In our story journey together, Serena and I discovered how her depression at age 13 sprouted from her natural and deep spiritual code – the very essence of which she was seeking to evoke and encourage in her own clients.

How do you center a story with such incredibly emotional stakes?

Gently, with transparency, authenticity, and deep strength.

The more you open up – the more vulnerable you sometimes feel – the more gravitational people feel when only having read your words. Imagine what good you can do in attracting the right people who intrinsically value your openness.

When Serena saw the first draft of her new About Me page, she wrote,

“Dave. Wow. Reading through this, I am speechless. You’ve conveyed everything that I’m feeling and more!”

Serena’s story is 100% unique to her – the words don’t fall into a cookie-cutter template. As a writer, I become absorbed into your experience of life to share who you are and where you’ve been.

It’s not magic. It’s highly attuned empathy in action, employed with expert writing skill and guided by tried-and-true storytelling techniques.

“I love what you’ve done with my story. From beginning to end, my story has such an authentic flow and I could not have possibly asked for anything better!”

As a result, Serena was able to debuted her new coaching programs to help businesswomen honor their dreams, desires and divine nature.

Are you ready to take your service and healing to the next level?

Are you ready to share your whole self with the world?

The time is now! Let’s embark upon a story-journey together.

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