Shadow Work: A Free Webinar with Dave Ursillo

How to Predict (and Prevent) Pitfalls, Stumbling Blocks and Setbacks

This workshop is designed to help you figure out your personal growth potential and identify with some accuracy where potential setbacks or bad habits may arise on your journey.

Featuring a smart 10-question quiz, you’ll begin to identify a connection between your personal development aspirations and intentions and where you typically get stuck in old patterns and self-limiting habits — the stuff that keeps us from living our most fully expressed lives.

Whether your goals right now revolve around your everyday life, your work, your relationships, your art or beyond, this webinar will help you reflect, introspect, and clarify your goals and driving motivations right now.

In this 90-minute webinar, which is broken down below into four manageable parts for your convenience, you can expect to…

  • Discover “the invisible thread” that connects our aspirations to our self-limiting beliefs.
  • Reveal your personal growth potential
  • Uncover possible pitfalls or sticking points that are typically and to be expected, all based on our goals
  • Locate what might cause you to feel held back, unexpressed, or “stuck” as you pursue your fully expressed life this year

Pt 1: What’s Shadow Work? Why We’re Here

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In Part 1, Dave invites you to consider a fundamental connection that seems to exist between what we aspire toward the most (goals, hopes, dreams, or “personal growth” potential) and where we tend to feel the most held back, regressed, or stuck in bad habits or self-limiting beliefs.

By discovering the edges of where your own personal growth and development potential lay, you begin to develop an astute sense of anticipation for where your personal shadows — or, roadblocks, stumbling points, and missteps — may arise in the future.

The “predictability” factor isn’t magic or over-embellished, it’s simply a well-rounded sense of self-knowledge in practice!

Pt 2: Take the 10-Question Quiz!

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In Part 2, Dave guides you through a 10-question quiz — modified from another 10-question quiz, originally a self-diagnostic exercise in his writing course, Unavoidable Writing — to help illuminate the overlapping areas between your goals and aspirations, and your shadows or perceived weaknesses and shortcomings.

Grab pen and paper so you can track your answers and score your results at the end of this webinar clip!

Pt 3: What Your Quiz Results Mean

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In Part 3, Dave breaks down what your quiz results may mean for you — based upon what high percentage scores typically indicate for most respondents, students, and clients with whom he’s worked over recent years.

You’ll begin to see trends and patterns emerge in this breakdown, and maybe even have an Aha moment or feel a spooky sense like this quiz is dark voodoo magic or a Jedi mind trick… no, it’s certainly not, but that’s what some attendees joked live on the webinar!

Remember, the “predictability” factor comes down to essential trends of behavioral psychology and where common patterns of human behavior overlap with emotional intelligence and self-knowledge principles.

Pt 4: Live Workshopping Your Results!

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In Part 4, a few webinar attendees join Dave to live workshop their quiz results and share on-the-spot case studies of what the quiz and webinar have helped to reveal to them about their goals and intentions, as well as what possible pitfalls or stumbling blocks they might anticipate encountering along their paths.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

What Did You Score? What Do You Make of It?

Leave a comment below and be sure to include…

  • What you scored on your quiz (ie “10-50-40” or “40-30-30”)
  • What you understand your results to mean for you right now
  • If you found a connection between your core motivations or personal goals and the shadows, self-limiting beliefs, or so-called “bad” habits that you are tracking or working through

You can alternatively click here to send me your scores and feedback privately.

Thanks so much for attending the webinar, and I look forward to seeing your responses and takeaways below!