small is not insignificant.

fast will not last.

change takes time and makes strides in small steps, because true change subtly alters the course we’re already upon — long before the effects are felt, longer before the results are reaped.

change alters what most already believe (or assume) to be true, right, the best way there is. The nature of genuine change must upturn the status quo, which the majority supports — consciously or unconsciously.

Change agents must convince most people that they are wrong, or are misguided, or have simply forgotten what they already know.

Everybody wants change.

Few desire to change themselves.

Even fewer will change after being told that they are wrong, or misguided.

Change fails when egos reign supreme, and when the few dictate to the many that they are “right” and others are “wrong.” Instead, convince people to remember what they already know, but have forgotten.

If you can remind them, and when they begin to remember — change happens.

Flickr photo credit: busy.pochi