Wind whips the sandy tundra.
Snow tumbleweeds rush forth;
A gentle stampede of gale and ice.

A mid-winter’s chill so cold,
Even the seas shiver to keep from freezing over.

Dim lights glow across the bay,
Just above the sunken horizon.
They flicker in reflections atop sweeping waves.

The shores are vacant and quiet, now.
Long gone is the laughter and love of a summer’s embrace.
And yet the waves crash forth still.

They push, they pull, they dance;
In rhythm with sharp air and snow;
Winter waves lose not their resolve.

For though they go unnoticed,
As if devoid of attention they might lose all purpose,
Winter waves keep crashing on.

As do the ones we call Love’s Soldiers.

He cares even when he doesn’t,
She cries even when she can’t.
Love’s Soldiers love with no love left to give;
When no one is there, they love all the same.

Though the shores are desolate, winter waves keep crashing on.