With over a quarter of a million subscribers in his ranks, Steve Kamb is the leader of a true revel army (of nerds).

He leads Nerd Fitness, a devout, supportive and global community of desk jockeys and average Joes and Janes who’ve felt overlooked — even disrespected — searching for a personal place in the broader health and wellness industry.

He’s led by example, traveling the world and documenting his own health transformation across the years.

Steve is the author of Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story, released in January 2016.

In this lighthearted (and curse-infused) interview, Steve shares why he believes in positive reinforcement, how Nerd Fitness went from “just a blog” to a genuine movement, and encourages writers to act as their own superheroes.

Whether in writing or in fitness, at the end of the day, Steve reminds you to honor your deepest responsibility: to yourself.

The interview free to stream, so tune in to listen below!

Listen: Lead Your Nerd Army

As You Listen…

  1. What ethos or value system are you living by? What is your superhero “code”?
  2. How could you “gamify” your writing goals and creative desires? Could you make the task feel light, easy, fun?
  3. What hero’s journey are you on? What heroes out in the world are you writing for?

Listening Guide

04:00  –  How Steve built the Rebellion
07:00  –  Giving people a voice and a place to go
11:00  –  The “why” (ethos and value system) rather than the “how”
14:00  –  Personal responsibility removes the burden of waiting on someone else to fix things
19:00  –  Steve’s new book “Level Up Your Life.”
23:00  –  Steve’s “Epic Quest of Awesome.” How to do epic things within the constraints of everyday life.
31:30  –  How Steve wrote his first book (after not getting started for 2 months) and gamifying book-writing
37:30  –  Being on a hero’s journey, writing about a hero’s journey, while living the hero’s journey.
46:00  –  Keeping life light as we’re working on heavy subjects in the real world
47:00  –  Where to find Steve online, and how to get your copy of Level Up Your Life
49:00  –  Bonus: Steve and Dave do their best (and infamous) Boston accent routine