Here’s a real world example of how my professional written story services helped my Story Shine client build her self-confidence, feel centered in her life’s story, and land a new job in a new career field. 

Masé was a young professional who wasn’t exactly sure where she was heading in her career — or, how her work history was relevant to her future.

But after our story work together? She landed a new dream job — in an industry she had no prior experience in!

“I couldn’t put into words what I wanted,” Masé recollects. “It was a bit frustrating to start looking for a job without really understanding what I was best at.”

Having grown up in Seville, Spain, Masé had studied practical skill sets with wide application on the sage advice of her father: finance, accounting and law. And yet, even with valuable skills to support her, Masé began to realize that she could not envision a career in financial services as she had once imagined.

Like plenty of young professionals, Masé suddenly felt stuck between her first career trajectory, and her evolving vision of the future.

At a crossroads, she became a Story Shine client looking for help clarifying her direction, skills, and goals.

Masé provided me with a short cover letter, her old resume, and just one hour of her time. One-on-one, I assumed the role of interviewer and coach, and began to dig into the heart of Masé’s beliefs, aspirations, decisions, fears, hesitations, and perspectives. All of these vital viewpoints and ideas are like puzzle pieces. As our conversation unfolded, the pieces began to reveal the big picture of her underlying story.

“It’s amazing how, as I was explaining my story to Dave, he found the perfect words that I had been searching for but couldn’t find,” Masé said afterward.

The heart of the story that Masé had already and always been living was just hiding beneath the surface of her awareness.

Although Masé had no prior experience as a translator or interpreter, her multilingual fluency — and lifelong desire to help facilitate, cultivate, and create connections between people — made a potential job as a translator a natural transition.

We geared her story toward this new job dream — and within just one month, Masé landed that job!

She reflects:

“As a story guide, Dave helps people therapeutically organize and express their beliefs. Seeing my new story in written form boosted my self-esteem in a really meaningful way. But when I actually got my dream job! I couldn’t believe it!”

Click here to see a quick side-by-side of Masé’s cover letters.

Looking back on the major differences between the before (left) and the after (right), she now realizes, “I wanted my cover letter to focus on the future and show that I was much more than what you could see in my resume. Still, I wasn’t able to put my intentions into paper. Looking back, I can’t believe how bound to the past my cover letter was.”

Can you sense the difference a cohesive, direct story can make in appealing or influencing others?

If so, maybe you’d like to turn your resume into a memorable narrative.

My Written Story Services are ensuite creative partnerships that reveal your story, teach you how to tell your story, and deliver new written bios that you can use to change your career, build a platform, or do more of the work you love.

Here’s to your story,