My hands pressed together, lifted and grazing my brow, I acknowledge my thoughts, chosen and unchosen, as much the source of my worry as the guide toward my healing, my understanding, my salvation.

With this touch, I choose to direct the willing power of my mind toward loving-kindness within me and all around me.

My hands pressed together, steepled and pressed to my heart, I acknowledge my feeling and the depths of my caring that, at times, feels so deep and unwieldy that I curse it; that I feel a slave to how much I care.

With this touch, I embrace all of my feeling with compassion and patience; I summon the steady strength of empathy alongside the inner discipline to maintain healthful boundaries in my caring. I sync the rhythm of my heart with the great rhythm of the Universe.

My hands open, dropped in a bowl in my lap, I acknowledge the great abundance all around me, and invite plenitude into my life.

With this bowl, I remember that I am always in possession of the same creative power as every other soul on this earth; that from nothing, comes everything; that everything is everything, over and again. As I receive, so I have and may offer; as I offer, so I have and may receive.