Struggle Separates Dreamers from Doers

What separates ordinary daydreamers from the doers and achievers is the difficult process that must be endured to see one's dreams through to reality.
May 9, 2010

Struggle Separates Dreamers from Doers

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” ~Oscar Wilde

What separates ordinary daydreamers from doers and achievers is the difficult process that must be endured to see one’s dreams through to reality.

By their nature, dreams can dissuade their very pursuit because of how much willpower, strength, and ability it takes to achieve them.

A dreamer eventually and always comes to realize that the pursuit of one’s dreams and all that is required to see them through to reality is an arduous road that will test the dreamer’s strength, power of will, and character. But in the end, the difficult process of achieving one’s dreams is what separates daydreamers from the doers who are determined to achieve them.

The Beauty of Dreaming

What is beautiful about dreams is that anyone and everyone can dream. They are an enabling, empowering, inherently human “equalizer” that remain when we are boiled down to our core. Strip any person of his or her ethnicity, religion, and culture, and dreams are certain to lie underneath. But if everyone has dreams, why wouldn’t everyone fully pursue them?

Dreams are distant and elusive. What makes them feel so far away, so fleeting, and difficult to attain is that our aspirations demand so much of us to see them to fruition. We must prove to ourselves, to others, and to even our dreams themselves that we possess the confidence, the strength of mind, and the sheer ability to make them a reality.

The Process Separates Daydreamers from Doers

The difficult process separates daydreamers from achievers. “Doers” willfully endure the challenges, hurdles, and hardships because they are willing to struggle and sacrifice in order to achieve their dreams. Daydreamers can wish and aspire all they please, but in the end, those who do not wish to run the proverbial marathon of dream-chasing will never be able to cross the finish line.

All that separates one’s dreams from becoming reality are trials in the forms of patience, creativity, hard work and dedication. Whether or not we fully understand the challenges of pursuing one’s dreams and all that it will take to achieve them, doers and achievers realize that the challenges must be endured if one wishes to make them a reality. Otherwise, we would be little more than ordinary daydreamers who allow the fleeting and elusive nature of our dreams to pass us by.

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