About once every year, I like to take a break from my usual personal narrative essays and human interest stories to provide you with some fun updates on projects that I’m excited to soon share with you (including the podcast I teased out in the subject line!).

I also like to occasionally share details on how we might work together in the months ahead, as well.

And now that the summer solstice is quickly approaching — and, since we all will (I hope!) be spending more time offline, in nature, and with our families and friends in the months ahead — I thought this week’s post would be an ideal time to share some of those updates with you!

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been creating for you (and what we might choose to create together this summer)…

How We Can Work Together

As a writer and author, the heart of my mission is to share stories and words that matter to readers.

But in my day-to-day, I provide a suite of professional services and creative services to individual clients (creatives, artists, writers, aspiring authors, freelancers, bloggers, etc.), to full-time professionals, to small business owners, and even to the occasional nonprofit organization.

If you see yourself somewhere in there, here are the top 3 ways we can work together in the summer months ahead:

— Writer’s Group of Two: A bespoke creative “container” that blends personal coaching with support of your writing and works-in-progress. WGo2 runs on a month-to-month basis (usually 3-5 months at a time) for individual clients who want to start a new project, finish a project, develop their voices, or go deeper into their writing journeys.

Think a blend of hands-on support for your words with hands-off support of the writer behind the writing (that’s you!). Learn more here or forward to a friend who might be a fit!

Psst: I’m currently running unpublished promotional rates this summer for teachers, students, active military and veterans, healthcare professionals, and first-time clients. Inquire by submitting a no-pressure application or emailing me, hello@daveursillo.com.

— Story Shine: As a professional storyteller with 10 years of experience in persuasive storytelling, marketing, and branding, I write highly authentic, high-conversion About Me pages, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters for the likes of emerging life coaches and health coaches; yoga teachers and fitness trainers; professionals amid career changes; and small business owners looking to stand out in an attention-deficit age.

If you want to stand out in your online presence (or your job applications, for that matter), my Story Shine service elevates the appeal, value, and personality of your professional powers.

Inquire directly about your needs by emailing me at hello@daveursillo.com.

— Unavoidable Writing: My marquee e-course features over 35 lessons, two dozen original writing prompts (proven to get you writing) and creative exercises (upon which your relationship to writing will be built to endure over time).

The synthesis of the last 7 years of my work with more than 300 writers worldwide, Unavoidable Writing teaches you how to turn your specific, personal points of discomfort and struggle with your writing into the source of your writing for months to come. A holistic, mindful, and refreshingly unique system for self-expression.

Learn more about the course here, and stay tuned this June for a special promotional rate as I relaunch the course for a new class of students.

FYI: I don’t work with advertisers, sponsored content, or paid guest posts. All the content you receive is from me, and it’s all free. If you enjoy the words I share, I ask that you please keep me and my professional and creative services in mind (whether for yourself, or for a friend or peer!). My business really thrives on word-of-mouth referrals and, of course, my business is what supports my ability to write and share stories with you.

Announcing My New Podcast: Written, Spoken

On Monday, June 17th, I’ll be debuting my first podcast series!

It’s called Written, Spoken. The premise is very simple: Written, Spoken is a podcast in which the written word comes to life as the spoken word through the voices of the writers who wrote them. For the first couple of seasons, that writer will be yours truly. Then, I’m hoping and intending to open it up to other voices in future seasons.

In Season 1 of Written, Spoken, you’ll hear 10 personal narrative essays and human interest stories — actually, some pieces you’ll recognize since they have all been recently published in my newsletter — as written words come to life in audio form for the very first time.

(If you were one of my cherished newsletter subscribers, you would have received an exclusive sneak preview of the trailer for Season 1 earlier this week!)

Listen to the trailer for Season 1 now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or below:

I hope you like what you hear!

Stay tuned for info on how to subscribe in our next newsletter, too.

Creators I’ve Been Loving Lately

I’m not a crazy consumer of too much media; I tend to listen to the same familiar sets of albums daily (depending on my mood) and return to familiar TV shows like Portlandia and The Great British Bake-Off on Netflix when I want to smile and chill out before going to bed.

But, lately, I’ve been trying to branch out some more and explore the voices and work of some of the most talented creators of today.

The following are 3 particular creatives who I absolutely adore; whose work I cannot get enough of; whose presences, missions, messages, and personalities I applaud.

In no particular order, they are Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Lizzo, and Michelle Wolfe, a three-queen totem at the altar of my little creative heart lately.

— Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a British writer, actor, comedian, playwright, and performer. She is the creator of award-winning shows like Killing Eve and is my favorite television writer working these days.

The second season of her Amazon Prime show Fleabag is transcendent, fascinating, emotionally gripping, heart-warming, and hilarious (and I loved the first season, too). The deeply authentic and real-feeling story she tells across these two short seasons of expertly-crafted television, in so few words, about how we learn to live with ourselves. Big bonus points in my book for female-centric stories in a time where a lot of pop culture, popcorn flicks, and major media feels very stale, “done before” and way too dude-centric.

— Lizzo is an American a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and performer whose recent album, Cuz I Love You, is so far one of my early favorites for album of the summer. Lizzo’s voice is intoxicatingly rich; her beats are catchy a.f., and her music is thoroughly unapologetic and authentic with an entirely unique set of messages, feelings, beliefs, and opinions. From body positivity to rejecting certain outdated romantic norms, Lizzo brings banging anthems for summer 2019 and beyond. The sound of her powerful voice, to me, comes second to the qualities of voice that she imparts in her art form.

— Michelle Wolfe is an American comedian, writer, producer, and television host. She may well be one of the most original and witty voices in the world of standup comedy in America these days. I have been a fan of Michelle Wolfe’s for some time — she had a weekly comedy show on Netflix for a while last year — and I had the pleasure of seeing her perform live this past weekend in East Providence, Rhode Island.

My face is still sore from smiling and I almost lost my voice from laughing… that’s the first time anything like that has ever happened! Few comedians I’ve seen (ever, let alone live) are as sharp, creative, and thought-provoking as Michelle Wolfe as she tackles complex issues with to impart novel, meaningful, and hilarious perspectives on social justice, political policies, gender equality, women’s access to healthcare, and so much more.

She’s still on tour, so check out if she’s coming to a club near you.

A Quick Look Ahead…

I have no workshops or events currently planned for the summer, but, this October, I’ll be joining my best friend and O.G. yoga teacher Coral Brown in Rishikesh, India for Initiate, Integrate, Illuminate, a culturally-immersive yoga and meditation retreat.

This will be my third time traveling in India, and my second time teaching at this wonderful immersion retreat.

I’ll be teaching integrated yoga-and-journaling sessions daily to help students document their experiences and process the stories they are experiencing (internally, just as much as externally in this amazing corner of the world)!

Spaces are still available but are limited. Check out the details now.

On My Editorial Calendar

Finally, I’m always working on a variety of pieces that I hope you might find relevant, stirring, informative, entertaining or thoughtful.

So, in case you’re curious about what’s on my editorial calendar for the summer months ahead, here are some of the subjects at which I am pulling right now include…

  • Modern “outrage” culture and how it’s warping communication
  • The benefits of boredom in an attention-deficit age
  • How fear-based decision-making gives away our only personal power
  • The phrase, “I have no [effs] to give,” and what story it really tells
  • A personal story about why I defected from the Catholic Church last year

As always, it’s my newsletter that acts as a direct channel between my readers and me.

So, if you haven’t subscribed already, subscribe!

Drop me a line, ask a question, or just to say hello. I really do love hearing from readers and respond to every message I receive.

Until next time, happy early summer to you and yours!