With humble gratitude, I want to extend my thanks to everyone who helped with the big Lead Without Followers book launch.

Below is a list of most of the interviews, reviews and posts that helped spread the word about this crucial alternative leadership philosophy — If I’ve missed any links in my list, I apologize, but you haven’t been forgotten I assure you!

AND NOW: Lead Without Followers Edition 1.02, re-polished and re-finished, is now officially in print! (If you’ve already purchased, you can redownload your copy of the book or email me your receipt to receive a free, freshly-updated edition of the book.)

The book is available in a variety of formats (softcover, Kindle, Nook, iPad and more) when you donate to my book tour fundraiserand, even better, +70% of all funds raised will be donated to charity!

That is your best buying option by far, so I would kindly ask that you donate to my fundraiser to get the book over the next couple of weeks :)

You will be helping us to provide 10 educational scholarships for at-risk school girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa, in conjunction with OneGirl — one of my favorite charities!

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Without further ado, thank you to everyone who helped make the book launch possible!!

Thank you, Jenny Blake. Book-a-Day Giveaway Week! Lead Without Followers by Dave Ursillo | LifeAfterCollege.org

Thank you, Molly Mahar. Lead Without Followers | Stratejoy

Thank you, Brandon Sutton. Lead Without Followers: A Conversation With Dave Ursillo | BrandonSutton.com

Thank you, Sandi Amorim. Lead Without Followers: Spotlight on Dave Ursillo | Deva Coaching

Thank you, John Falchetto. Interview With Dave Ursillo | Expat Life Coach

Thank you, Kristi Hines. 3 Reasons to Call Yourself a Leader (With or Without Followers) | Kikolani

Thank you, Laura Roeder. My Favorite Small Biz Secret that the Big Guys Don’t Want You to Know | LauraRoeder.com

Thank you, Amy Schmittauer. Writers Who Rock Social | Savvy Sexy Social

Thank you, Jacob Sokol. Leading Without Followers While Living on Purpose | Sensophy

Thank you, Amy Clover. Lead Without Followers: An Interview With Dave Ursillo | Strong Inside Out

Thank you, Leo Babauta. Start Slow | zenhabits

Thank you, Lisa Robbin Young. #GreatReadWeek: Lead Without Followers | Business Action Hero

Thank you, Adrienne Jurado. Learning What It Means to Lead Without Followers | Experience Life Fully

Thank you, CJ Stott. An Interview With Dave Ursillo | CJStott.com

Thank you, Amanda Oaks. Will Kindness Save the Meaning of Leadership? | Kind Over Matter

Thank you, Laura Calandrella. Lead Without Followers by Dave Ursillo | LauraCalandrella.com

Thank you, Mike Vardy. Interview with Dave Ursillo | ProductiVardy

Thank you, Diana Antholis. Lead Without Followers | Enter Adulthood

Thank you, Bernardo Mendez. Why You Can Lead Without Followers: Heart and Soul with Dave Ursillo | YourGreatLifeTV

Thank you, Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead. Lead Without Followers: An Interview with Dave Ursillo | AllOfUsRevolution

Thank you, Jenna Forstrom. Meet Dave | Bite Size Brews

Interviews went live on almost two dozen blogs on launch day,

And there are countless others who have helped with the launch, ranging from giving me crucial advice and simple reassurances, to helping promote and much much more.

Further thanks extended to friends across the blogosphere:

Thank you to Pace + Kylei, Farnoosh Brock, Jade Craven, Jonathan Mead + Ev`Yan Nasman, Jonathan Fields, Danielle LaPorte, Srini Rao, Sarah K Peck, Andy Drish, Lauren Rains, Nathin Agin, Bernadette Jiwa, Nath Lussier, Cheryl Maloney, Jenny Foss, friends and family and everyone else. You know who you are.

And thank you for reading the blog, for all of your support and warm friendship.

Here’s to what’s to come.

Thank you.

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