Last night, as I watched a football team that I used to root for defeat a team that I now root for — what game could I ever be talking about?! — I received a Tweet from someone who read my hot and fresh Anti-Resume that was released last Friday.

That unconventional, bold and gorgeous 29-page freebie includes:

> 3 Declarations of Intention for the year 2012

> My rationale behind wishing to move to New York City (effective immediately, in spite of recent sporting happenings)

> Why I’m moving away from exclusive self-employment / solopreneurship and evolving into working with great people doing great things, and specifically, why I want to work with young start-ups in NYC.

However, what grabbed my attention from this particular Tweet was the mention of “clarity”:

@DaveUrsillo Just read your “Anti-Resume” and was inspired…Trying very hard to get that kind of clarity for myself right now… Brilliant!

“Me? Clarity?” I thought to myself. You see, in my own head, absolutely nothing is clear right now — I’m not sure it ever is.

I don’t know when I’m moving or whereabouts I’ll live (looking in midish-Manhattan). I have no idea where I’ll work (world-changing start-ups, you know you want me), or how I’ll ever manage to make enough money to not become more broke than I already am… nothing is clear!

Which made me think,

Maybe the idea of clarity is an outright lie. Maybe our belief that we can “try very hard” to find clarity is exactly what often holds us back from moving in the direction that we feel we need to go.

Nah, nothing right now is very clear. And I don’t have much clarity about where I’m going or what I’m doing. But what is concrete about my vision for the future — what, I’m sure and am so elated about, seems so clear in my Anti-Resume — are the intentions behind it.

I’m determined and more driven than ever. I’ve never been more confident in my own abilities and offerings. And when my inner drive is in perfect tune with giving to others — a constant, deliberate and totally non-coincidental theme throughout my 29-page .PDF — I know and trust that I’ll always come out better for it on the other side of that lurking unknown that always clouds the vision in front of our faces.

Forget clarity altogether.

Set positive intentions for yourself that resonate with your beliefs, your core values and your wishes: exactly what life demands from you (and for you) right now.

We never know what the outcomes might be. But when the driving force — or, your intent — behind your actions, words and decisions comes from a good, honest and pure place of love within you, you’ll discover exactly what you need. Regret-free. Purely you.  Sailing wherever the wind guides you. And for the definite betterment of everyone else around you.


Declarations of Intention + Anti-Resume 2012

[slideshare id=11391230&doc=daveursillo-antiresume2012-120202133841-phpapp02]

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Hope you enjoy the anti-resume. Feel invited to reach out to me with any ideas, suggestions or helpful advice on moving to NY and looking for new work opps :)

What do you think? Is “clarity” a total lie?