Defiance is but one option: a choice, a decision, an attitude.

We rear defiant heads as children, testing the waters of reprisal and punishment from parents and teachers.

We live and breathe defiance in our teenage angst, questioning everyone and everything to the Nth degree.

But then we reel it in. We slow down. We largely stop defying, and instead passively melt into life-circumstances that victimize our days and years with blatant disregard for our simple wishes of tranquility and earnest joy.

Defiance is but one option.

But perhaps, just perhaps, your human spirit — the brilliant, unbridled stallion confined within your skin that longs to break free — needs our defiance to survive.

To unleash your potential, to thrive, to live from within most truly and invoke your spirit’s truest life-purpose… perhaps defiance is an utter necessity.

The spirit that defies is that which remains strongest, most intact and healthily unshakable. The comfort of conformity dictates a methodical pace toward the grave. Idle minds tell us that things “are” because they “ought to be” this way. Our heart wonders, why?

What, today, does your heart question?