“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the Astonishing Light of your own Being.” ~Hafiz

Of all such wildly uncertain things that reign forever unknowable through the days and nights of life — those plaguing confusions and confrontations; miscues and missed opportunities — I find myself suddenly well-afforded as my daily attention drifts less to these nagging thoughts and wonders, and more to the fundamental essence of life: an incredible truth, an undeniable reality, a beautiful wonder more poetic than any hymn or rhyme of God Himself.

We are all connected! Bound and boundless!

The fundamental essence of life is that each human being is not separate and alone, but permanently interwoven with and in the universal and eternal presence of God or Spirit — we are the very thread that binds the weave, and each woven from it, ourselves.

Every thread is unconsciously tasked to hold its undeniable and inimitable place among the greater whole. And each frayed strand weakens the entire cloth — a dullness, a tear, a rip that obliges the threads surrounding to strain all the more to hold life together and in place. But every thread — each life, yours! — may within itself strengthen and grow, reaching ever widely, positively touching the lives of others in deep and meaningful ways, thus binding the weave ever-tighter.

We are all connected far beyond our ordinary comprehension, our simple sight and fingers’ touch!

See it in the faces of strangers on the street. Harness it in the passion within your chest and soul. Feel it in the wind that blows, the sway of the grass and the trees, the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides. As the presence of Spirit is among and around you, so too is it within you.

It is the very energy that constitutes all matter, all life forms, every element, every potential. Oneness.

Relish in the fundamental essence of life; this incredible truth. Bath in the beauty and wonder that this world is far less a chaotic and victimizing purveyor of things that our minds incessantly ponder and suffer over, and far more a weaver of love and light — that life, and each of us together, make up the weave itself.

Flickr photo credit: LatinaPower2009