Approaching life with a consistent attitude of positivity and optimism is much easier said than done.

But, the mindset is an integral component of exercising the philosophy of The Quiet Leader in everyday life.

The difficulty arises in trials and tribulations that routinely test the strength, faith, and determination of even the most optimistic individuals. A simple exercise to practice to help you approach life with positivity is to consider one common metaphor that is often used to allude to many of life’s challenges: “…like climbing a mountain.”

This metaphor attempts to convey the imagery of life’s difficulties being as towering and intimidating as a mountain — a solemn, monstrous, earthly mass that beckons significant physical and mental strength to overcome.

But rather than concentrating on the size of the challenge that climbing a mountain presents, instead, consider the mindset of a climber before he or she sets off to climb the mountain. Consider the state of mind that a mountain climber uses to overcome such a daunting challenge.

Similarly, during challenging times in life, remind yourself not to focus on the difficulty of the challenges that have arisen. Instead, concentrate your thoughts on the mindset that is needed to overcome the challenges. Envision yourself as a fearless mountain climber. Envision any problems, issues, or challenges that are currently in your life as the mountain before you.

  • Establish your mindset.
  • Look at the mountain.
  • Recognize its size, your fear, and the strength it will take to climb it.

The mindset of a mountain climber is one of determination, significant focus, fearlessness, positivity, and unremitting strength. This is the mindset that a quiet leader employs in everyday life. It’s one that is required to tirelessly overcome life’s challenges. Even the sometimes daunting nature of finding true love, pursuing one’s dreams or career.

Reminding yourself of the mountain and the mountain climber is a simple, easy way to be reminded of a quiet leader’s daily approach to living and interacting with others with a consistent attitude of positivity and optimism.