The muses must like to hear our song.

Why else would we ever feel indescribable elation?

The unseen planes that hover over our heads, how could it be that those plans do not exist presently with us on this Earth, in our everyday lives?

The muses dance with us here when we laugh, sing, play and soldier on.

They dance wildly, with unfathomable joy, in every room of friends who smile for hours over swaying conversations and flowing wine. They relish in our love.

But why? 

Maybe for the beauty; that it should exist at all. Maybe to celebrate the signs of our (humanity’s) evolution toward a brighter, better, more peaceful tomorrow.

(We are getting there.)

The universe (this one, at least), and its ever-expanding nature… the laws that govern this life, as distant as as we are able to view it, is expanding into nothingness. Why? Growing because it can? Because there is no limit to it?

Because there is no limit to love?

Look at the rewards we are gifted from our joy: the cosmos must want want our light! God must prefer our love to show. To shine. To vibrate outwardly like this ever-expanding universe.

Maybe our love it what propels it.

Maybe our joy, our evolution, our effort, our capacity, the depths of our souls… maybe that is the force that causes this whole universe to swell and spiral outwardly.

Maybe it was our love from the beginning that caused this universe to explode into life; so concentrated was it in one place that it could not be contained.

Maybe God thought up love, and when the spirits caught wind of it, so swept up were they in its idea that the cosmos blew up and into existence. And today, there is too much of it for this space.

Now we need a home so vast that it will not stop growing, just to contain it all.

Flickr photo credit: Svenstorm