I’ve been coaching clients — including creative entrepreneurs, service-minded professionals, healer-teachers, authors-speakers, change-makers, and philosophers — since 2012.

What unites the broad range of clients with whom I have worked is that they have all existed in a curious tension between two worlds: the inner world and the outer world.

The inner world is the subtle but profound world of the Self, where personal healing is made; where soul-code excavation happens and the truth of what we desire comes to light.

The outer world is the physical realm that you and I share and in which our lives, our work, our relationships, our deeds, and our words are all expressed.

All of my clients — much like me — have known the tension of existing between these two worlds.

And, they have suffered for too long, oftentimes alone, trying to be a bridge between the two.

They have suffered in the tension of which of the two worlds to prioritize, and how.

They have suffered in the tension of how to explain the value, importance, and significance of the invisible inner world to those whom they love who do not seem to see it, appreciate it, or “get” it like they do.

They have suffered in the tension of trying to create books, businesses, service offerings, mission statements, stories, or a simple existence that could bring the two worlds together.

They have suffered in their journeys to make their purpose manifest as lingering fears, self-doubts, guilt, uncertainty, shame, second-guessing, and imposter syndrome pose roadblock after roadblock.

Inner World, Outer World, and You in Between

It is a difficult thing to live in the tension of the inner world and the outer world.

But when you are so called — because you are a conduit, a messenger, a seer, an intuitive, a healer, an empath, a change-maker, a teacher, a highly sensitive person (HSP), a cultivator, a connector, a servant of others, or a leader without followers — you understand that your mission, purpose, and journey in life is to be that bridge.

I am here to tell you that just because it is a difficult thing to bridge the inner world and the outer world does not mean that you are destined to suffer, struggle, and fail.

But if you keep trying to do it all on your own — bearing the enormous, impossible weight of trying to bridge the inner world and outer world, alone — you will indeed only suffer, struggle, and ultimately fail.

You cannot keep trying to bridge those two worlds by yourself.

I understand why you may have tried — and why you may still be trying — to bring those two worlds together, all on your own.

It’s probably because you didn’t know that other people were like you.

It’s probably because, for far too long, you felt incredibly alone, isolated, and “different.”

You saw and felt and touched two worlds, when most people only see and feel one.

The two worlds each felt equally real, important, and present for you.

But those around you didn’t seem to feel the same.

Those around you might have, unknowingly or knowingly, singled you out, or made you feel different, or projected their own stories onto you… just because of who you fundamentally are.

A healer. A teacher. A seer. A giver. A servant. A feeler. A leader without followers.

I am speaking from experience.

The reason why these words are finding you is that I have been obsessive, like you, in bridging the inner world and the outer world.

I have lived in the tension; I still do.

It is all I have ever known.

But, starting with when I became a coach in 2012, I began to find, cultivate, and translate the “tension” into tools.

Now, more than ever, I am obsessed with sharing the tools to help you heal the tension. That you may find your purpose, and make it real. That you may escape the cycles of fear, guilt, shame, and smallness that are holding you back from not just healing, but leading others into and through theirs.

You cannot succeed in bridging these two worlds all on your own.

No one can.

For too long, I myself tried.

I know it has been a lonesome journey for you; I know that you actually believed that you were the only person out there to see the two worlds; the only one to understand the value of both; the only one to feel called to bridge them, somehow.

But you are not alone.

I have been looking for you.

Or, more appropriately said:

Many of us have been looking for one another.

Now is the time for more of us than ever to come together, in unison, to do the work of bridging the inner world and the outer world.

It will be a heavy lift.

That’s why we cannot do it alone.

We are being called forth to find, support, and lift up one another in our journeys.

My friend, I am building something anew.

(Not new, but anew.)

I will be sharing more details throughout the weeks ahead.

You will be invited to become a member, contributor, and benefactor of it.

If you are curious, watch this space for more.

If you are more than curious — and feel called to learn more, sooner — I encourage you to follow that instinct and email me saying so. I have plenty more to share with you privately.

Until next time, my friend, keep leading without followers.

The two worlds that we straddle — the inner and the outer — need us to bridge them, now more than ever.