Three years ago, I had this idea.

The idea came to me in an “awakening” moment. I saw the signs. I started writing in my journal. And in a flash, everything that I had been looking for suddenly made sense.

Two and a half years ago, I quit my job believing that idea was worthy of a book. I believed that such a book was my life’s calling.

I saw the signs. I took the cues. I quit that job and began building something new.

Four months ago, I started writing. No more waiting. No more of my pursuing a traditional publishing contract. I saw the signs. I felt the need. I knew this book was an idea whose time had come.

Now we’re here. The book is done. And worthy of your eyes.

This universe speaks in signs — if you choose to see them.

The signs are not answers.

They don’t show you the road ahead, what you must do, or the life you ought to live. They only give you a hint as to what is occurring beneath your feet. A subtle reassurance. A slight clue. A short burst of warmth amid frigid unknown.

But the signs will keep on appearing if you tarry on through the uncertainty.

I’ve followed my signs and the path has led to here. I have no idea what comes next. But I’ll wait for the signs to come, because I know that they will. And for now, the only thing that’s left is to become quiet.

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