“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.” ~Buddha

Before we can overcome the challenges that lie before us, we must first survive the circumstances that preclude us from flight. Even for those who struggle to overcome and simply cannot, to endure is truly noble.

Striving to overcome the hurdles and difficulties of everyday life in order to follow one’s dreams and stay true to one’s heart is an amazing feat and sets an admirable example that is worthy emulation.

However, for those who fight and struggle just to survive — those who, though encumbered by circumstance, dream still — the feat of their endurance is truly noble, humbling, and awe-inspiring. After all, in order to reach a level in our lives where we can truly thrive, first, we must survive.

Heroes who Strive to Simply Survive

Many of the self help and personal excellence pieces I offer here on DaveUrsillo.com espouse the merit and value of pursuing one’s dreams in spite of the challenges that impede them; the merit of following one’s heart in spite of when logic tells us not to or whatever the status quo dictates; and the advantages of utilizing one’s passions as great asset to our individual development.

I not only enjoy writing different self help and personal excellence pieces — which, I hope, can serve my readers and visitors with some motivation and inspiration every day — but I often need to read them myself in order to maximize my motivation during those days and weeks when the strenuous process of striving to attain your dreams feels particularly more difficult, arduous and occasionally aimless.

That said, I sometimes neglect the merit and courage of those who struggle and sacrifice just to make ends meet; who, in spite of all that they sacrifice, never stop dreaming. For that reason, I wish to address the nobility and courage of these unspoken heroes.

To Endure is Truly Noble

Striving to overcome for the sake of our dreams and life goals is beautiful and admirable. But there are many men and women who, in spite of all of their efforts, simply cannot overcome: enduring is a courageous feat, itself. These men and women are life’s soldiers. Although they struggle to merely survive, they endure still, if only in hopes that their struggles and sacrifices will allow a better set of circumstances for their children who follow them, and perhaps allow them to pursue their sincerest dreams and goals in life.

We dreamers who have been given the opportunities and advantages to sincerely help others must take these lessons to heart. After all, no one can really thrive if they cannot make ends meet and simply survive, first. Survival is always the first step. The act of enduring is what helps facilitates our ability to strive and overcome any array of circumstances in our lives that prohibits us from taking flight and soaring onward to horizons of which that we dream.

In this life, whether we are endeavoring to thrive in life or simply struggling to survive, to endure is truly noble. And for those who endure, the final victory will surely be achieved; whether it is the victory that we had set out to win or not.

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