Recommended Tools that I Use and Love

Here are the tools that I use every day to write, create, teach, share, blog, and run my business-of-one.

Whether I’m writing from somewhere out in the world or working from my phone and laptop with an Internet connection, these are the tools I depend upon and recommend you give a try.

I share them with you knowing that they may help you develop your business, your creativity, or your fullest expression of yourself in the world.

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which entitle me to a small percentage fee if you click and decide to register or buy with them. Others are free and some are referral-based recommendations, which may grant you a small bonus or promo for signing up using my link.

Helpful Tools

  • Airbnb: A travel resource for finding homes, homestays, and “homes away from home” for travel domestic and international, business and romantic, adventure and luxury. My preferred way to travel! Save $55 off your first trip or become an Airbnb Experiences host
  • American Express: Earn 10,000 Membership Rewards Points back from qualifying purchases on any new American Express Personal or Business Card. AmEx provides some of my best travel rewards, perks, and membership benefits. Learn more
  • Avira Antivirus: Free and low-cost award-winning security, privacy and performance tools. Lightweight on your devices and highly effective.
  • Calendly: For allowing clients, prospects, peers, and friends to schedule virtual meetings on a designated calendar of your choosing. Automated for time-saving.
  • Evernote: Cloud-based word processing for teams and across multiple platforms. My preferred word processing tool.
  • Flywheel: Website hosting plus security in a seamless user system and great customer service.
  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping: Formerly called Outright before being acquired by GoDaddy (a company that I do not myself patronize), I recommend this software as an affordable alternative to more complicated bookkeeping software.
  • Grammarly: An intelligent grammar- and spell-checking tool with free and paid-for options to help you improve elements of voice, clarity, and even tone.
  • Hover: Purchase domains and email addresses from a reliable American company with no up-sells or hidden charges.
  • HP Instant Ink: A subscription-based service that automatically delivers printer ink whenever you need it.
  • LastPass: A password management tool to help automize and randomize your passwords, locked behind one single (really good) password… the last password that you’ll have to remember.
  • Mailchimp: An email marketing service plus CRM (customer relationship management) tool to help you build a list of readers, customers, and clients for routine contacts like newsletters or product offers.
  • SaneBox: Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to sort emails into organized digital folders. Save $25 when you sign up.
  • TripIt: An intelligent trip-planner and flight-tracker tool that curates your travel plans into one cohesive itinerary, links it to your calendar, and updates any changes or travel delays so you don’t have to. 
  • WiseStamp: Beautifully-designed professional email signatures, automatically inserted into your messages.
  • WordPress: Free and open-source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.
  • Zoom: Video communication service with an easy, reliable, cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Tools FAQ

“How do you manage your inbox?” I use SaneBox, an artificial intelligence tool that integrates into Gmail to help automatically sort messages into sub-inboxes by priority. You can train the system by individual email addresses or let it self-sort messages based on its own interpretation of priority.

“What do you use to word-process?” I use Evernote for cloud-based word-processing across multiple devices (including my Macbook for primary typing-writing, and on my phone to capture ideas when I’m on-the-go). I set up Notebooks based on projects, service offerings, and just generally to track blog post and newsletter ideas.

“How do you design graphics?” I used Adobe products for years but have recently switched to Canva as a free alternative.

“What do you use to create audio-rich images for sharing on social media?” I prefer Wavve.

“Online music streaming?” I prefer Apple Music.

“Business cards?” I don’t often use business cards because (a) as soon as you print them, they feel outdated and (b) I find the use of business cards to be generally unhelpful for actually connecting with people in my industry and when networking. But when there’s a need, I tend to turn to Moo.

“How do you collaborate on writing projects with clients and students?” I use Google Drive (Google Docs, especially), which offers unmatched cloud-based collaboration tools for not only sharing documents but live-updating documents between multiple users.

“How do I stay safer online?” I use LastPass for password management and digital security. Password management tools give you the power to only remember one very strong password, while the tool creates and saves complex passwords that you never have to remember.

“Where do you buy your dot com domains?” I use Hover, a secure and reliable American company whose prices are fair and consistent with no up-sells or sudden price increases over time, as with companies like GoDaddy.

“What do you run your websites on?” I use WordPress, a highly customizable content management tool, which is also free. If you don’t need the power or customizations, I usually recommend checking out Squarespace or a related alternative for simple-to-publish websites.

“Who hosts your WordPress sites?” I use Flywheel for WordPress website hosting. They’re a terrific, user-friendly company with good security, automated backups, and great customer support.

“How do you travel affordably?” I mostly use Airbnb for affordable and local-friendly accommodations, whether traveling for pleasure or for business, in most locations around the world.

“I can’t stand buying printer ink. Can you help?” Weird question but, in fact, I can. Look to HP Instant Ink for affordable home printing options. For as low as $3/mo, you get printer ink automatically mailed to you when your printer runs low. For my printing needs (printing to edit documents, pieces of writing, etc.), it’s more affordable than buying retail ink cartridges (which, themselves, are actually never filled to capacity).

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