Writer’s Block Is Dead! Workbook

Paralyzing self-doubt. Sudden stuckness. Like there’s absolutely nothing to say…

Writer’s block, you had a good run. You’ve been deemed a psychological “condition” and studied by psychiatrists for 60 years. You turn up 15 million search results on Google. You’ve been singled out as the cause for so many hundreds of thousands of writers’ struggles across generations and generations.

Writer’s block, it’s time the story of you comes to an end.

If we’ve never met before, my name is Dave Ursillo. I’m giving away this new free worksheet called Writer’s Block Is Dead! 9 Steps to Vanquish Writer’s Block because although writer’s block is a thing, I believe it really shouldn’t be.

Inside, you’ll find a smart series of unconventional strategies, paradigm-shifting concepts and creative exercises to help you overcome writer’s block, once and for all.

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Writer’s block is just a story representing an idea.

That idea is that writing — like all forms of creative self-expression — involves, contains, or stirs up some natural discomfort and struggle. But the term writer’s block is itself a really impractical and unhelpful story that not only implies a widespread, pervasive and mysterious affliction that affects all writers, but also has no cure. The story of writer’s block has to end, because it has become a self-inflicted wound upon the psyches of writers.

We need a new solution.

Over the last decade, I’ve been investigating the underlying behavioral, emotional and spiritual sources of discomfort that we experience when we sit down to write. More than 300 writing client success stories later, I’m here to deliver the best of what I’ve learned with you.

Today, I’m on a mission to dethrone writer’s block for good, and to help writers and creatives the world over reclaim their self-expression.

The tips in this workbook distill some of my most effective strategies that I’ve taught to hundreds of writers, creative self-starters, part-time journalers, yogis, professionals, aspiring authors and beyond from more than a dozen countries.

Use this free workbook as your first next step to vanquishing your writer’s block, once and for all.


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“Dave brings deep experience and devotion to his teachings. What a gift to study with such a kind, smart and compassionate man! He cares that you learn, that you grow, and that you get all that you came for — which, especially in this age of online hucksters and overnight experts, is a rare and beautiful thing.”Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author and Teacher

“The idea that writer’s block is simply a story representing an idea of a monster that is always out to get me (and that, as a writer, I get to re-write that story!) was such an ‘aha!’ moment. Thank you, you have helped this writer so much!”Jenna Britton, Professional Writer and Storyteller

“I’ve known Dave as a teacher of writing, yoga and self-expression for nearly a decade. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough! He brings incredible heart and soul to underline his passion for helping others. Expect the perfect blend of encouragement with practical tools to get you unstuck, inspired, and excited to share your truth. “Jenny Blake, Professional Author and Speaker