What Are My Values? 35 Common Examples from Yogis, Creatives, Writers

What are values? What are yours? And why do they matter?

A “value” is just something that holds meaning.

But when we discuss a person’s values, we’re referring to a set of personal guiding beliefs that define what matters and what doesn’t.

Values are inspired by social norms, culture, politics, art, and are directly and indirectly taught by parents and caretakers.

Ultimately, values are the ways in which we interpret what matters most to us. Our values are what align our actions, words and efforts in life to what we desire and need to feel fulfilled.

Think of your values like a lens through which you make choices and decisions: as you seek fulfillment, purpose and joy in life, it’s your values that define what brings you these outcomes. Your values are an invisible internal belief system — what I like to call a “soul-code” — that quietly define how you value what you value, and why.

Ultimately, your values matter because they’re already defining how you interpret your life, decisions, actions, and choices.

Identifying even just a few of your values helps you consciously understand what matters most to you, and why. By exploring them further, you can help yourself make the “right” choices by aligning future decisions to your values.

What Are My Values? 35 Popular Choices

After referencing longer lists of values from Google searches over the years, I’ve decided to share the top guiding beliefs that I most commonly use and hear from participants in my workshops, yoga classes, online courses and various teachings.

These 35 choices are the ones that I find most popular with my yoga students, creatives and writers.

Whether you’re an “everyday yogi,” a¬†mindfulness type, a conscientious journeyer or seeker or beyond, you may find this list helpful in identifying some values of your own:

  1. Abundance
  2. Adventure
  3. Artistry
  4. Authenticity
  5. Celebration
  6. Clarity
  7. Collaboration
  8. Community
  9. Compassion
  10. Ease
  11. Faith
  12. Freedom
  13. Generosity
  14. Health
  15. Humor
  16. Harmony
  17. Independence
  18. Individuality
  19. Joy
  20. Kindness
  21. Leadership
  22. Love
  23. Openness
  24. Play/fulness
  25. Prosperity
  26. Purpose
  27. Self-Reliance
  28. Service
  29. Simplicity
  30. Spirituality
  31. Tolerance
  32. Truth
  33. Usefulness
  34. Wealth
  35. Virtue

If you’d like to go a step further, check out this recent post on how to explore your values through journaling.

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