What Is Productivity? It’s *Not* Doing Everything.

'Doing productivity' is way different than being productive. Productive people don't do everything, they do any thing with efficiency and focus, says Mike Vardy.
December 13, 2013

What Is Productivity? It’s *Not* Doing Everything.

Mike Vardy helps people stop “doing” productive and start “being” productive by developing practical and tactical approaches to  work and life.

The satirist-turned-productivity-advocate isn’t your usual “productivity guru.”

Mike says, “You can do anything, but not everything.”

Mike opens up to help you become more productive in your writing and creative journeys. He advises members on how pick and choose their creative products with confidence, while starting to produce work to their fullest abilities.

The interview free to stream, so tune in to listen below!

Listen: You Can Do Anything (Not Everything)

As You Listen…

  1. What are some strategies Mike suggests for writing productively?
  2. What kind of approach or mindset might you use to switch into more productive creation?
  3. What’s the difference between a “time-based mindset” and a “task-based mindset”?

You’ll Learn…

  • How Mike went from manager at Costco to a TEDx speaker and productivity guru
  • Why creatives need to be confident and clear in their decision-making
  • How to next year can be your best year ever (i.e., you should “start” in February)

Tune in to learn this, and more!


About the Author

Dave Ursillo is a professional life and career coach, multi-published author, writing teacher, and future mental health counselor. He has coached over 300 professional helpers since 2012, spoken and taught workshops on 4 continents, and turned more than two dozen writers into first-time authors. His words and work have been featured on Creative Live, Psychology Today, Forbes, INC, The Hindustan Times, and beyond.


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